Human Resources

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Human Resources by Mind Map: Human Resources

1. Manager and Employee Relationships

1.1. Supervisor a Manager of a Human

1.1.1. Everyone has feelings and no one like the feeling of being disrespected.

1.1.2. When the manager realize the feelings of the people that work for them it becomes a better and more efficient work space .

1.2. Employee Participation and input

1.2.1. In order for someone to feel like a part of an organization that particular individual needs to feel like their opinions matter.

1.2.2. Allowing ones employees to speak on what the company needs to do better in would be one way to start.

1.3. People-centered Manager

1.3.1. A people-centered manager is one who puts their clients and employees best interest before the company.

1.3.2. Clients become more at easy about telling the manager good things about the company.

1.3.3. Employees tend to enjoy coming to work and doing their job because they know their boss has their back if they need help.

1.4. Visibility and Availability

1.4.1. Being visible and available to both the clients and the employees shows that one does in fact care about what is going on in the health care.

1.4.2. Clients often like to know that the manager is included actually cares about what's going on in their life because that means the employee has to hold the patient life in the same if not more interest than the manager.

1.5. essential Individual relationships

1.5.1. People genuinely like feeling like others genuinely care about what's going on in their life When an employee feels like a manger cares about their life they tend to do right by the manger and will do things that the manger needs done immediately. When a client feels like their life actually matters they tend to tell their family and friends about the company which brings more clients to the company.

2. Position Description

2.1. Jobs in the Human Resources field

2.1.1. Compensation & Benefits Manager

2.1.2. Training & Development Specialist

2.1.3. Employment, recruitment and placement specialist

2.1.4. Human Resource Information System Analysts

2.1.5. Employee Assistance Plan Manger

2.2. Overall Job description

2.2.1. Customer Servive This job is based on the clients if the facility provides bad customer service than the facility will not last as long as a facility with excellent customer service.

2.2.2. Knowledge on Topic Nobody wants to go to a hospital where the doctor does know the different types of veins in the body. Therefor not only do you have to have great customer service you have to know that your talking about.

3. Employee Training

3.1. Training to correct performance problems

3.1.1. When someone corrects poor performance issues than things get done the proper way. employee learn the proper code of conduct the more clients will come in the more professional an establishment is the more favorable an facility might become from what the client previously heard the more money the facility will make

3.1.2. consequence of not training properly employee's do things their own way no one is on the same page leads to miscommunication no one is held to expectation because there are not any

3.2. Determine Departmental Learning Needs

3.2.1. Different people learn different ways visual Aural (auditory-musical) Physical (kinesthetic )