DigitMakers Business Solution (DBS) Framework

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DigitMakers Business Solution (DBS) Framework by Mind Map: DigitMakers Business Solution (DBS) Framework

1. DBS Process

1.1. 1. Customer Contact

1.1.1. Fill out our online Form

1.1.2. Give us a Call

1.1.3. Visit Our showroom

1.2. 2.Business Requirement Gathering

1.2.1. 2.1-3D Printers List the material you need to use Build Volume Requirements No. Of Nozzles and Support Capablities Budget and leasing option

1.2.2. 2.2- 3D Scanner Application used Scanned object size and complexity Material of the objects scanned Dimensional accuracy required Budget and Leasing options

1.2.3. 2.3 3D Printing / Scanning Services 1.Define 3d printing / 3d Service Requirements, Design and 3d file transfer. 2.Measure Consider customer requirements material type, quality level (Layer thickness,infill,surface finish), estimated delivery date 3.Check Provide customers with quotation considering all requirements 4.Act Assign print job to printer Start Print Quality control Shipping / Pick up Arrangement

1.3. 3. Provide Samples , Demos , knowledge based samples

1.3.1. Provide customers with all the required information to make an informed decision

1.4. 4.Financial Process

1.4.1. Quotation DigitMakers Sales Engineer provide quotation to customers.

1.4.2. Purchasing Method Purchase Order Company Credit Card In store Payments Leasing Option

1.5. 5.Delivery Options

1.5.1. Free Shipping

1.5.2. Pickup / Incentive

1.6. 6.Customer Experience Follow Up

1.6.1. Email / Phone Call Customer Experience

1.6.2. Online Training and Life-Time Support

1.6.3. Support Experiance DM Ticketing System Manufactuere Customer Support

1.7. 7.Proof of Use and Customer Feedback.

1.8. 8. 3D Filaments Supply and Continuous Support

1.8.1. 3D Printer Profiles for different material .