Agile Leadership

Output from "Agile Leadership" Think Tank at #AgileLN conference, January 20 2012

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Agile Leadership by Mind Map: Agile Leadership

1. Drivers ("why change?")

1.1. We keep failing, and need to fix this

1.1.1. 84% failure

1.1.2. Chaos Report

1.2. Go from a need to realization more efficiently

1.2.1. If the world is moving to VUCA, what are C-levels to do?

1.2.2. "I want to be an Agile Leader so I can take my corp of today into the world of tomorrow"

2. Mindset

2.1. Agile = Make effective decisions

2.2. Philosophy: 4 Values 12 Principles

2.3. Agile is a mindset - not just a team thing

2.3.1. Culture trumps process Shiny disco ball of "Git R Done"

2.3.2. Under control of leadership Culture Structure Goals

2.3.3. How are we going to do it RIGHT? Be able to fail, learn, & try again Not "fail fast" but "flaw fast"

3. Barriers ("why NOT change?")

3.1. Hard to measure ROI

3.2. Dependencies on "non-agile" teams

3.3. Belief that "Agile" is practices and rituals -- not principles

3.3.1. "Theory X leader" will buy into PROCESS but not PRINCIPLES

3.4. Fear of "Doing it Wrong"

4. Vehicles for Change ("How you'll convince me")

4.1. Ken Schwaber New book Q1 2012: "Selling Agile to Managers"

4.2. Experiment to try Agile

4.2.1. Socialize "Agile" as PRINCIPLES that will affect bottom line Goals Process Culture Structure

4.3. Show the #s and ROI!

4.3.1. Recognize the difference between Theory X and Theory Y leaders Pitch to Theory X leaders with #s and ROI Pitch to Theory X leaders with PRINCIPLES

5. Action Items

5.1. Answer: "What is the definition of an Agile Leader?"

5.1.1. An Agile Leader is one whose style is consistent with the Agile Manifesto

5.1.2. The Role of an Agile Leader is to take action to change culture, structure, and goals to create the conditions for Agility

5.1.3. Traits Serve Empower Enable

5.1.4. Practices Build teams Reduce fear

5.1.5. Maturity: Level 0: not open to Agile Level 1: "Agile is only a set of development practices" Level 2: Theory X Can promote Agile Values ONLY after seeing # results from Agile practices Level 3: Theory Y Promotes Agile Practices

5.2. Answer: "What do the 4 Values and 12 Principles mean at the CEO level?"

5.3. Do this Think Tank with your leaders!

6. Questions

6.1. Cultural change for Agile transformation

6.2. Bringing "Agile" to manager and above: how?

6.3. What is Agile? It's hard to sell without a good definition. It sounds like just an iterative process and anything that can help you.

6.4. Leaders accountable and also participating in Agility

6.5. Theory X vs Theory Y

6.6. How do you sell Agile to upper management? Agile is no good if you still get big req docs and not stories.