Foundations of Learning Bo Pettegrew

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Foundations of Learning Bo Pettegrew by Mind Map: Foundations of Learning Bo Pettegrew

1. Copyright

1.1. Right to Intellectual Property

1.2. Asking for Permission to Use Property

1.3. Copyright Laws Can Have Severe Punishment

1.4. There are Many Careers in Copyright Law

2. Theoretical Foundations

2.1. Teaching with Different Learning Styles

2.2. Project-Based Learning

2.3. Problem-Based Learning

2.4. Inquiry-Based Learning

3. Universal Design

3.1. Helps Minimize Class Distractions

3.2. Giving Different Students Unique Learning Options

3.3. Goal Setting Between Student and Teacher

3.4. Using Technology to Best Serve Students

4. Digital Citizenship

4.1. Responsibility as a Digital Citizen

4.2. Joining Groups for Positive Change

4.3. Fight Cyber Bullying

4.4. Knowledge of Digital Commerce