The Affair of the Poisons

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The Affair of the Poisons by Mind Map: The Affair of the Poisons

1. Professionals

1.1. La Voisin fortune teller and poisoner burned at the stake 22 February 1680

1.1.1. Vautier poisoner perpetual imprisonment

1.1.2. Betrand poisoner perpetual imprisonment

1.1.3. Denis Poculot, Sieur de Blessis alchemist, lover of La Voisin condemned to the galleys

1.1.4. Jacques Cotton officiate at the black masses executed by burning in 1680

1.1.5. François Belot executed in June 1679

1.1.6. Giles Davot officiate at the black masses executed in 1681

1.1.7. Marguerite Delaporte poisoner perpetual imprisonment

1.1.8. Jeanne Leroux executed in April 1680

1.1.9. Margot servant of la Voisin perpetual imprisonment

1.1.10. Marguerite Monvoisin daughter of La Voisin perpetual imprisonment 

1.1.11. Romani poisoner perpetual imprisonment

1.1.12. La Pelletière fortune teller, provider of children for black masses perpetual imprisonment

1.1.13. La Poignard participated in arranging black masses perpetual imprisonment

1.1.14. La Poulain perpetual imprisonment

1.1.15. Catherine Trianon poisoner committed suicide in prison in early 1681

1.1.16. Étienne Guibourg officiate at the black masses perpetual imprisonment Jeanne Chanfrain lover of Guibourg

1.1.17. Adam Lesage magician & officiate at black masses perpetual imprisonment François Mariotte abbe died in prison in 1682

1.1.18. Latour stonemason perpetual imprisonment

1.2. Mathurin Barenton poisoner executed in September 1681

1.3. La Belliére fortune teller perpetual imprisonment

1.4. Martine Bergerot fortune teller

1.5. Françoise Filastre poisoner executed in 1680

1.5.1. Magdelaine Chapelain fortune teller perpetual imprisonment

1.6. Jacques Deschault magician executed in 1681

1.6.1. Etienne Debray executed in September 1681

1.7. La Dodée poisoner committed suicide in prison

1.8. Louis Galet poisoner perpetual imprisonment

1.9. Mme Guesdon poisoner perpetual imprisonment

1.10. Anne Cheron sold objects for magic rituals executed in June 1679

1.11. François Boucher, Vitomte de Montmayor astrologer of duc de Luxembourg perpetual imprisonment

1.12. Catherine Lepère abortionist executed in June 1679

1.13. Christophe Moreau magician and poisoner executed in September 1681

1.14. Maitre Pierre poisoner perpetual imprisonment

1.15. Anne Poligny poisoner executed in July 1681

1.16. Louis de Vanens alchemist perpetual imprisonment

1.16.1. Jean Bartholominat La Chaboissiere valet of Louis de Vanens the last executed, 16 July 1682 P. Dalmas sent to a workhouse Louise Duscoulcye lover of Dalmas poisoner Catherine Leroy perpetual imprisonment

1.16.2. Pierre Cadelan perpetual imprisonment

1.16.3. Roger, Siegneur de Bachimont alchemist perpetual imprisonment Marie de Bachimont alchemist, spouse of Roger de Bachimont perpetual imprisonmen

1.17. Marguerite Joly fortune teller and poisoner executed by burning in December 1681

1.17.1. Marie Bouffet abortionist hanged in December 1681

1.17.2. Louison Desloges hanged in December 1681

1.17.3. Anne Meline poisoner hanged in December 1681

1.18. La Salomond poisoner perpetual imprisonment

1.19. Denise Sandosme poisoner executed by hanging in July 1681

1.20. Marie Bosse fortune teller and poisoner burned at the stake 8 May 1679

1.20.1. Marie Vigoreaux died under torture in May 1679

2. Clients

2.1. François Henri de Montmorency-Bouteville, duc de Luxembourg arrested but ultimately freed

2.1.1. Pierre Bonnard secretary of duc de Luxembourg condemned to the galleys in May 1680

2.2. Benigne, Marquise de Alluye left country, was allowed to return

2.3. Marie Brissart fined and exiled

2.4. Marie de Broglio, Marquise de Canilhac never brought to trial

2.5. Pierre Bonnard secretary of duc de Luxembourg condemned to the galleys in May 1680

2.6. Anne Carada executed 25 June 1681

2.7. Louis de Guilhem de Castelnau, marquis de Cessac left country, returned in 1691

2.8. Mme Cottard admonished and fined

2.9. Mme Desmaretz fined

2.10. Françoise de Dreux exiled, but was never enforced

2.11. Madeleine de la Ferte, Marechale discharged

2.12. Antoine de Pas, Marquis de Feuquieres never brought to trial

2.13. Madame Ferry executed in May 1679

2.14. Marguerite Leféron exiled from the capital & fined

2.15. Mme Lescalopier left country to avoid trial

2.16. Jean Maillard executed in February 1682

2.17. Olympe Mancini, Comtesse de Soissons former mistress of Louis XIV exiled

2.18. Marie Anne Mancini, Duchesse de Bouillon former mistress of Louis XIV banishment to the provinces

2.19. Marquise de Montespan mistress of Louis XIV never tried

2.20. Madame Philbert, earlier Brunet executed by hanging

2.21. Jaqqueline du Roure, vicomtesse de Polignac left country, returned 1686, banished from the capital

2.22. Marguerite de Poulaillon imprisoned in a convent

2.23. Claude Marie du Roure discharged in March 1680, then banished from the capital

2.24. Marie Louise Charlotte, Princesse de Tingry discharged

2.25. Marie Vertemart sentenced to a workhouse

2.26. Antoinette, Duchess de Vivonne never brought to trial

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