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1. 🌼Movimento para a Democracia, MpD is a Christian democratic and liberal party in Cape Verde

2. Religion -majority population - Roman Catholic. -Flourishing Protestant mission - based in Praia with a publishing venture in Fogo -Celebration of Saints' days - example; drumming , processionals , masks & dancing in african styles . Education -primary education - begin at age 6/7 & lasts for 6y - Followed ; secondary schooling - divided into 2 phases of three @ 3 years - University : Jean Piaget University of Cabo Verde (2011) , & University of Cabo Varde (2006) -Institutes for teaching , nurse training , engineering , and maritime technology Cultural life -Apparent in the country's literary , musical , artistic production -Number of the holidays celebrated ; -Easter , -The Feast of the Assumption , -All Saints' Day , & Christmas. -Other holidays : National Heroes' Day , Children day , & Independence day

3. 🎀On February 6, Cape Verde held Parliamentary elections that confirmed the left-leaning PAICV’S dominance of Cape Verde Politics

4. Political Environment of Burundi - Politics of Burundi takes place in a framework of a transitional presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Burundi is both head of state and head of government and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government.


6. legal system : *French civil law & Chadian customary law. *The Chadian Constitution recognises customary law (traditional local laws) in certain arras as long ad it doesnt conflict with public order and the nationwide legal frame work. *The legal systems highest jurisdiction, the supreme court & the constitutional council. Culture : *Chad possesess a rich cultural heritage. *includes valus, attitude, aesthetics, manners & customs, social structure,religion,personal communication,educatio, physical & moterial environment , family relationship. *culture name - CHADIAN Symbolism - the main symbol of Chad is the national flag,consisting of three vertical fields of blue , yellow , & orange -red , without any figurative decoration. Ethnic - more than 200 distint ethnic groups , which create diverse social structures. Languages - Chad official languages are Arabic & French.

7. 1. Leading in civil liberties, political rights, and stability in Africa (Freedom House Report) 2. Uncorrupt bureaucracy Service oriented economy 3. The main sectors of the Cape Verdean economy are services (70% of GDP, mainly tourism), agriculture (bananas, potatoes, sugar-cane, coffee, and peanuts), fish, and textiles 4. Industry sector: 8% of the Cape Verdean GDP Informal sector: 70% of jobs/5. 25% of GDP 6. Cape Verdean GDP growth: 3.1% Inflation: 1.8% 7. Main trade partners of Cape Verde: Euro-Zone countries (mainly Portugal) 8. Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo (peg to the euro) Special regime for SME Existence of Free-Zone Enterprises 9. Open to Foreign direct investment (FDI) 90% of food is imported

8. Chad-Political environment -Politics of Chad=framework of a Presidental republic -President of Chad =President Idris De =Since 2 Dec 1990 Chead of stateand head of government -Resresntative democary .The government of Chad is carried out under a Presidential republic system .The president of Chad serves as the Head of State and the Head of Government for the country . President Chad was limited to serving only 2 terms *155 representative of the National Assembly *59 constituencies are respresented *25 of these elect only one representative .The government Chad is a multi-party system,majority of power is typically held by only one party .National assembly is dominated by the patriotic saluration movement (88 seats) . Other opposition parties represented in Parliment *National Union for Democracy and Renewal (10 seats) *Union for Renewal and Democracy (8seats) *Federation Action for the Republic (4seats) -Parliamentary democracy .In June 2017,members of the FONAC opposition coalition argred thr National Assembly beeale Illegitimate by continuing to sit beyond 21 June .2Years after the extension of the Parlimentary term,and deputies from the opposition should consequenntly resign

8.1. CHAD



9.1. 🌸Prime minister~Head of government, head of state and of a Multi-party system.

9.2. Botswana has a multi-party democratic tradition.

9.3. The Botswana democratic party (BDP) has been in power since 1966

9.4. Politics system: parliamentary representative democratic republic.

9.5. Legislative power is vested in the government and the parliament of Botswana.

9.6. Judicial is independent of the executive and the legislature. The judicial respect for humans right and the rule of law.

9.7. Botswana's political has the low probability and the high risk but increased instability


10.1. Definition of political system- takes place in a framework of a semi-presidential representative democratic republic

10.2. Representative democracy

10.2.1. 🌸Prime Minister Is the head of government

10.2.2. 🌸President of the republic Is the head of state & of a multi - party system

10.3. Parliamentary democracy

10.3.1. 🎀In June 2007,parliament unanimously passed new electoral commissions transparency and independence

10.4. Liberal democracy

10.4.1. 🌼Established in 1990, it was the ruling party from 1991 to 2001 and returned to power in the 2016 parliamentary election

11. CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT. 1) Ethnic group -Tawana -Klanga -Ndebele -Herero -San(Bushman) -Afrikaner 2) Language -national language : tswana -official language : English 3) Religion -one half of the country population is christian -Christianity was introduced during the colonial era by missionaries from the south such as David Livingstone. -Established as the official religion of the eight tswana state by the end of the 19 th Century .



12.1.1. Sources of Botswana Law The Constitution Absolutists Legislative supremacy Higher law The function of the constitution 1. Separation of powers 2. Division of the federal and state power 3. Protection of personal liberty 4. Permanent protection of a constitution

12.2. ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT - 1-has a mixed economic system - 2-Botswana's economic performance is highly dependent on development in the mining sector, specially diamond mining - 3- Economic sectors in Botswana include tourism, livestock agriculture (cattle), subsistence farming & financial service.



13.1.1. Semi-Presidential Democratic System Prime Minister Role of a head of government President Genuine executive authority Separate head of government that leads the legislature An executive presidency




14.1.1. CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT. 1) Ethnic group –Hutus 85% -Tutsi 14% - Twa 1% 2) Language – National language : Kurundi -Official language :English 3) Religion – Christian catholic : 62.1% -Christian protestan :23.9% 4) Traditional art – Imvyino song ,story telling and create gift


14.2.1. Judicial system -organized through the code of organization and judicial competence of 17 march 2005 -the judiciary's independence guaranteed by the constitution (separates the judiciary, the executive and legislative body) -There are formal and informal mechanisms of conflicts management provided under the Code



14.4.1. Political Environment i) political ideologi ii ) political system iii ) political risk Political system = republik Political risks = Poorly diversified economy vulnerable to external shocks.