Climate Change

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Climate Change by Mind Map: Climate Change

1. The Fall Of Akkad Empire

1.1. Known For Organization And Wealth

1.2. Drought Devastated This Empire

1.3. Climate Shifts Causes Remain Uncertain

2. Water Vapor

2.1. Hotter Air Contains More Water Vapor

2.2. More Water Vapor Doesn't Mean More Rain

3. Threat Of Drought

3.1. Higher Temperatures Lead To Increased Evaporation

3.2. Great Risk For Regions Depending On Rain-Fed Agriculture

4. Risk Of Flooding

4.1. Heavy Precipitation Leads To Floods

4.2. Rain Will Likely Arrive In Intense Bursts

5. Effect Of Global Warming

5.1. A Third Of Spain Is At Risk Of Desertification

5.2. Island Of Cyprus Has Become So Parched

5.3. Some Parts Of Europe Are GrowingWetter And Some Are Growing Arid

6. Political Instability

6.1. Climate Change Will Cause Political Instability

6.2. Increase In Number Of Refugees

6.3. Rainfall Changes And Fighting In Darfur