Judaism Review

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Judaism Review by Mind Map: Judaism Review

1. Dear Mitch

1.1. Thank him for his presence, time, and energy

1.2. What specific moment, concepts, ideas did you appreciate learning about? Why?

1.3. What positive qualities and traits did you see in Mitch?

1.4. What was you personal take away or what connections can you make to your life?

1.5. What new or beautiful things did Mitch revealed about Judaism?

1.6. Other

1.6.1. Tell him what chapter you are working on in Rabbi Green. How does it connect to his talk and/or why is this an important concept?

1.6.2. Incorporate 1 quote from his poem or the Jewish prayers/poems

2. Objective

2.1. Narrative Dimension

2.1.1. People Abraham Isaac Jacob-Israel Moses Rabbi Hillel

2.1.2. Sacred Writing Talmud Torah

2.1.3. Events Diaspora Shoah

2.2. Doctrinal

2.2.1. Sh'ma

2.2.2. Israel

2.3. Ritual Dimension

2.3.1. Bar Mitzvah

2.3.2. Bat Mitzvah

2.3.3. Passover

2.3.4. Yom Kippur

2.3.5. Rosh Hashanah

2.4. Material Dimensions

2.4.1. Places Jerusalem Synagogue Western/Wailing Wall

2.4.2. Object Kippah Shofar Tallit

2.5. Social Dimension

2.5.1. Branches Orthodox Conservative Reform Reconstructionist Hasidic Reform Jewish Renewal Transdenominational

2.5.2. Zionism

2.6. Ethical Dimension

2.6.1. Halakhah

2.6.2. Kosher

2.6.3. Tikkun 'Olam

2.6.4. 10 Commandments

2.7. Concepts

2.7.1. Jerusalem

2.7.2. Mishnah