Improv Research

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Improv Research by Mind Map: Improv Research

1. Can improv increase memory capacity?

1.1. Short vs. long-term

1.2. Length of effects, if any found

1.3. Easy to test hypotheses

1.4. Easy to administer

2. Can improv improve conflict resolution skills?

2.1. IL State has a "focus group" room

2.2. Could set up an experiment fairly easily

2.3. Would take quite a bit of time and supervision

3. Can improv improve your ability to detect patterns?

3.1. This is really interesting, but how would we measure the DV (detecting patterns)?

3.2. This might have some links to creativity

4. Can improv increase your ability to handle uncertainty?

4.1. One of my personal favorites

4.2. How would we measure the outcome?

5. Can improv develop your ability to work with a team?

5.1. This could be really fruitful

5.2. Would have to define outcomes more precisely

6. Can improv improve your leadership ability?

6.1. What do you picture as "leadership ability?"

7. Can improv increase creativity?

7.1. This is also a favorite of mine

7.2. Well established literature