How to say "You are welcome!"

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How to say "You are welcome!" by Mind Map: How to say "You are welcome!"

1. Formal

1.1. Much obliged

1.1.1. I am very much obliged to you

1.2. You are most welcome

1.2.1. You are quite/truly welcome

1.3. We appreciate your business

1.3.1. We appreciate your custom

1.4. I'm happy to help

1.5. Anything for you/the company/the team

2. Informal

2.1. You are welcome

2.1.1. You are very welcome

2.2. No problem

2.2.1. I enjoy helping you

2.3. No worries!

2.3.1. Don't worry about it

2.4. Thank YOU

2.5. Pleasure

2.5.1. The pleasure is mine

2.5.2. My pleasure

2.5.3. It was my pleasure

2.5.4. Pleasure

2.5.5. With pleasure

2.6. That is alright

2.7. It was the list I could do

2.8. I know you would do the same for me

2.8.1. You would have done the same for me

2.9. Don't mention it

2.10. It was nothing!

2.11. Anytime

2.12. Sure

2.12.1. Sure, no problem

2.13. Not at all

2.14. Anything to make you happy/smile/suffer :D

2.15. I was happy to help