Geographical Identity

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Geographical Identity by Mind Map: Geographical Identity

1. cologne cathedral

2. Television Tower

3. Brandenburger Gate

4. The Dortmunder U

4.1. i think live geography has an important place in their lives

5. Football Museum

6. I think geography determines people's cultures - öykü

7. In my opinion geographical identity is the place you live, the place you were born, a place that you feel connected with or a country that you are associated with.

8. France has an area of 551 500 km2. Matheo

9. France is the third largest country in Europe. Louis

10. Many rivers flow in France. Matheo

10.1. Seine

10.2. Rhône

10.3. Loire

10.4. Rhin

10.5. Meuse

10.6. Moselle

10.7. Marne

10.8. Garonne

10.9. Dordogne

10.10. Lot

11. France has a population of 66.99 million people. sophie

12. Metropolitan France has five maritime facades

13. the capital of France is Paris. Matheo/Sophie

14. The French Republic has 96 metropolitan departments, 35 overseas departments and regions, 6 overseas communities. Sophie

15. the total length of its coasts reaches 3 427 km. Matheo

16. geography is a discipline that gives information about the places we exist and exist.-eda

17. I think that geographical location is not very important. The most important thing in country is society. Danusia

18. The river Rhein

19. The France have many mountain. Louis

19.1. Alpe

19.2. Pyrénées

19.3. Jura

19.4. Massif des Vosges

19.5. Massif Centrale

20. France is a country in Western Europe. Sophie

21. France has medieval towns, alpine villages and beaches. Sophie

22. France has several borders. Sophie

23. The name France comes from the Latin Francia, which literally means Francie, that is to say: pays des Francs. Sophie

24. France has an area of 551 500 km2. Matheo

25. the country is bounded mainly by seas, the ocean and natural borders. Matheo

26. our city is cut by a river. Matheo

27. the longest of the french rivers is 1012 km. Matheo