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Travelling by Mind Map: Travelling

1. Italy

1.1. Rome

1.2. Venice

1.3. Milan

1.3.1. Milan is famous for its high fashion and the typical Italian pizza but even Tyra Banks and top Gordon Ramsey play second fiddle to the things you can’t miss while in Milan. The common harsh description of Milan is that it acts as the economical capital of Italy, but that doesn't seem to do it much justice because that is not enough to describe this sophisticated and stylish city.

2. Poland

2.1. Wroclaw

2.2. Warsaw

3. France

3.1. Paris

3.2. Paris (nicknamed the "City of light") is the capital city of France, and the largest city in France. ... The Seine river runs through the oldest part of Paris, and divides it into two parts, known as the Left Bank and the Right Bank. It is surrounded by many forests.

4. Germany

4.1. Cologne

4.1.1. Cologne, German Köln, fourth largest city in Germany and largest city of the Land (state) of North Rhine–Westphalia. One of the key inland ports of Europe, it is the historic, cultural, and economic capital of the Rhineland.

4.2. Magdeburg

4.2.1. Magdeburg is the capital of Saxony-Anhalt state in Germany. It is a moderately sized city located halfway between Hannover and Berlin. The city is crossed by the river Elbe on which bank the OVG university has its main structures.

4.3. Dresden

4.3.1. Dresden is the traditional capital of Saxony and the third largest city in eastern Germany after Berlin and Leipzig. It lies in the broad basin of the Elbe River between Meissen and Pirna, 19 miles (30 km) north of the Czech border and 100 miles (160 km) south of Berlin.

5. Netherlands

5.1. Amsterdam

5.2. Rotterdam

5.2.1. Rotterdam, major European port and second largest city of the Netherlands. It lies about 19 miles (30 km) from the North Sea, to which it is linked by a canal called the New Waterway. The city lies along both banks of the New Meuse (Nieuwe Maas) River, which is a northern distributary of the Rhine River.