Spaces and Exchanges

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Spaces and Exchanges by Mind Map: Spaces and Exchanges

1. Travel

1.1. Widens the mind

1.2. Helps us survive in our own jungle back home

1.3. Challenging adventures

1.3.1. Benedict Allen travelled in many countries with harsh conditions

1.4. New way of life

1.4.1. Scott’s diary

2. Discover

2.1. Studies

2.1.1. Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees

2.1.2. She lived with them

2.2. The unknown

2.2.1. Places we’ve never seen before

3. New places

3.1. Captain’s Cook

3.1.1. Colonization

3.1.2. Exchanges with natives people

3.2. Trading

3.2.1. Rules are established