Connected learning

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Connected learning by Mind Map: Connected learning

1. theories

1.1. connectivism

1.1.1. succesful networks characterized by diversity autonomy openness connectivity

1.1.2. practices leading to succesful networks teacher learner society

1.1.3. principles of connectivism diversity of opinions connecting info sources importance non-human appliances capacity to know more is more important nurturing, maintaining connections see connections between fields, ideas, concepts currency decision-making as learning

1.1.4. connectivism critiques

1.2. social constructivism

2. social epistemology

2.1. Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy

2.2. Wikipedia

2.3. University of Cambridge

3. practices

3.1. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

3.1.1. feeling confused rapid decision-making which connections? how does it change our brain? pattern recognition selecting using distributed platforms mashing up information

3.2. Social Media Classroom

3.2.1. facilitated

3.2.2. course outline provided

3.2.3. last session: co-learners become facilitators

3.3. Communities of Practice

3.3.1. defined by specific context professional development

3.3.2. restricted access