9 Elements of Digital Citezenship.

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9 Elements of Digital Citezenship. by Mind Map: 9 Elements of  Digital Citezenship.

1. Digital Security

1.1. The precautions that all technology users must take to guartantee their personal safety and the security of their network.

1.2. Appropriate, students protect their identity while there on the computer or any social websites

1.3. Inappropriate. when students are on the computer or social website they dont protect their identity and put all their personal information on the site.

2. Digital Health and Wellness

2.1. the elements of physical and psychological well-being related to digital technology use.

2.2. Appropriate. students are on the computer when they need to be or are on for a couple minutes.

2.3. Inappropriate, students that are on the computer 5 hours a day.

3. Digital Law

3.1. the legal rights and restrictions governing technology use.

3.2. Appropriate, students pay for what copyright material and understand how to use it.

3.3. Inappropriate. students dont pay for copyright music and download it from limewire.

4. Digital Access

4.1. Full electronic participation in society.

4.2. To be able to use within school.

4.3. Not allowed to use it within school.

5. Digital Commerce

5.1. The buying and selling of goods online.

5.2. You need to see of the sites are safe before purchase.

5.3. You need to protect your identity.

6. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

6.1. The privileges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectations that come with them.

6.2. Appropriate. students cite a source they use for a project.

6.3. Inappropriate. a studnet doesnt cite the source they used and call it theirs.

7. Digital Communication

7.1. The Electroinc exchange of information.

7.2. You know when to use your e-mail, cell phone, and instant messaging at the right time with out interrupt.

7.3. When you leave you volume up and use it during school.

8. Digital Etuquette

8.1. Learning the rules before coming involved.

8.2. Without checking the rules.

8.3. The standards of conduct expected by other digital technoloy users.

9. Digital Literacy

9.1. The capability to use digiatl technology and knowing when and how to use it.

9.2. Appropriate, Teachers introducting new thing to students and how to use them.

9.3. Inappropriate. students use something they dont know how to use properly.