apple VS windows

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apple VS windows by Mind Map: apple VS windows

1. Windows

1.1. windows do great computers i expecialy like there newist version of windows of windows 7 task bar

1.2. Windows #1 advantage over apple is that they have a gaming console of the xbox 360 and ext.

1.3. windows had a great succes on there version of the smart phone witch sold 1.7 million windows os

2. Apple

2.1. apple has many top brand products such as the ipad ipod touch and the iphone these are apples best products witch at the moment is a fad

2.2. apple also do great computers but i do not perfer them over windows in my oppinion

2.3. apple has the top music selling in the market

2.4. Apple attempted a gaming colse in the early ages of apple but it did not turn out well Sony and Windows out did them with the ps1 and the xbox they might try again but no time soon

3. Even thow these to companys are competors for the most computers sold they are almost always compadipal with each other.