Personal Statement

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Personal Statement by Mind Map: Personal Statement

1. Recently went on a school trip to Cambodia which allowed me to explore my fears and do things out of my comfort zone. In addition I visited a place which is nothing like the UK by this I mean culture and climate. We trecked through a rainforest and built farms for poor people and donated various gifts to a small schoo.

2. Represented S.t Aidans A team for the years I was there.

3. Achievements

4. Sport

4.1. Played football for Harrogate & Craven school - which is a team made up of all the best players from each of the school teams in my age group and put together to compete across the country in a number of match. We played teams like Sheffield, Hull and Scarborough

5. Interesting Things About me

5.1. I am have a music background, I played the piano to grade 5 and the Clarinet to grade 7.

6. Why Engineering? -