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Information Tells Stories by Mind Map: Information Tells Stories
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Information Tells Stories

InfoVis Mantra

Select and Filter

“Mark something as interesting” • Mark items of interest to keep track • Seem to work as a preceding action to subsequent operations.


“Show me a different arrangement” • Provide different perspectives by changing the spatial arrangement of representation e.g., • Sorting and rearranging columns in TableLens • Changing the attributes in a scatter plot • The baseline adjustment feature in Stacked Histogram


“Show me a different representation” • Change visual appearances e.g., • Changing color encoding • Changing size • Changing orientation • Changing font • Changing shape

Zoom (overview and details)

“Show me more or less detail” • Adjust the level of abstraction (overview and details) e.g., • Unfolding sub-categories in an interactive pie chart • Drill-down in Treemap


“Show me related items” • highlight associations and relationships • show hidden data items that are relevant to a specified item

Why visualization is important?

Cholera Epidemic Example

Visualization Patterns

Timeline Diagrams

Multi-dimensional diagrams



Basic Principles

Data to Ink Ratio

Image Concept

Legibility Rules