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Comm 196: Senior Capstone by Mind Map: Comm 196: Senior Capstone
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Comm 196: Senior Capstone

Albert (books)



Narrow results ->Methodology ->Literature review ->Empirical study ->Qualitative study

Academic Onefile

->Advanced search ->Search Assist: OFF ->Limit results: Peer reviewed ----- e.g. anxiety uncertainty | communication | theory

Comm. Abstracts

[topic] AND review

Definitions & starting points

Literature reviews

Empirical research

Getting the stuff

Check SMC holdings


e.g.: Agenda Setting (McCombs) Anxiety Uncertainty Management (Gudykunst) Cognitive Dissonance (Festinger) Cultivation (Gerbner) Discourse Theory Language Acquisition (Vygotsky) Social Identity (Tajfel & Turner)


Ency. of Communication Theory

Ref. 302.203 L732 (2 vol.) e.g. see Agenda Setting Anxiety Uncertainty Management Attribution Cognitive Dissonance Framing

Communication Theory

Ref 302.2 Sch84 (4 vol.) general / people / organization / mass ::::: communicator - message - recipient - effects