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whos who by Mind Map: whos who

1. FDR

1.1. united states

1.2. Passed multiple acts

1.3. 32 president

2. Mussolini

2.1. italian politican

2.2. led the national fascist party

2.3. led italy in WWII

3. hirohito

3.1. Commander in cheif of the Armed forces

3.2. WHen japan invaded China Hirohito's impieral Army killed 2-6 million chinese

3.3. approved attack on pearl harbor

4. Churchill

4.1. British conservative

4.2. held many political offices

4.3. greatest wartime leader in WWII

5. General Franco

5.1. Spanish general and dictator

5.2. leader of Nationalists military rebellion in Spanish civil war

5.3. Hitler met with Franco in France to discuss Spanish Entry side

5.4. received important support from Hitler and Mussolini

6. Tripartite Treaty

6.1. Pact between japan, germany anditaly

7. General Macarthur

7.1. American General

7.2. field marshall of Philipine Army

7.3. Chief of Staff

7.4. Prominent role in Pacific Theater

7.5. Received many honors

8. Stalin

8.1. reason called because stal means "steel"

8.2. paid agitator against the czar

8.3. 1922 became general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party

8.4. Leader of the Union of Soviet Socalist Republics USSR

9. tojo

9.1. born in tokyo

9.2. Minister of war in japan

9.3. authorised attack on pearl harbor