Project on an Environmental Issue

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Project on an Environmental Issue by Mind Map: Project on an Environmental Issue


1.1. Adobe Spark


1.3. Screencastify (look in Chrome)

1.4. Log into your account for all of the above.

2. Outline for Adobe Spark

2.1. How can you use your Adobe Spark your audience about this?

2.1.1. Who is the audience?

2.1.2. What will reach them?

2.2. Define the Issue

2.2.1. ON SCREEEN (What image/video do you see on the Screen?) Logs in a forest

2.2.2. What do you hear? NARRATION Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees in order to make room for something other than forests. - MUSIC Roxanne instrumental (uploaded mp3) -

2.3. Who/how are people affected

2.3.1. ON SCREEN: Animal affected

2.3.2. NARRATION: Deforestation affects the environment and ecosystems (explain with compelling details)

2.4. Laws/Systems and Regulations

2.4.1. ON SCREEN:


2.5. Solutions

2.5.1. ON SCREEN:


2.6. Actions students can take

2.6.1. ON SCREEN:

2.6.2. NARRTION:

2.7. You can choose to use this outline in order to make your Adobe Spark, OR make your own outline as long as the main points from the mind map are included.

3. Part 2 - Analysis of Other Student Projects (SCREENCASTIFY)

3.1. What did they do well as filmmakers (imagery, sound, appropriate information)

3.2. Did they motivate you to do something about the issue? Why/Why not?

3.3. Did they inform you about appropriate actions you can take as part of a solution?