Choosing Software

Choosing a good modeling program is complicated by the wealth of programs available. We're building a map with information on the most commonly used programs.

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Choosing Software by Mind Map: Choosing Software

1. Engines

1.1. NEC

1.1.1. NEC2 Open Source Why NEC2? It's free It handles most antennas Amateur's want to build

1.1.2. NEC4 Licensed only Why NEC4? It handles antenna elements at or under the ground Why NOT NEC4? Quite expensive to get a license for it Export restrictions could be a problem

1.2. MiniNEC

2. What are YOUR needs & limitations?

2.1. Do you need ...

2.1.1. Graphical Output?

2.1.2. Flexibility?

2.1.3. Simple interface?

2.2. Are you limited by ...

2.2.1. Knowledge of programming?

2.2.2. Platform you have to work with?

3. Other Sources of Information

3.1. AntModel Yahoogroup

3.2. Antennas, Modeling & More Blog

3.3. Antennex

3.4. Cebik web site

4. Front end software

4.1. EZNEC

4.1.1. Why EZNEC? detailed coverage in the Antenna Modeling course well supported by the author

4.1.2. Why NOT EZNEC?

4.1.3. Characteristics Windows NEC2 Engine Commercial Demo Available

4.2. MMANA

4.2.1. Why MMANA?

4.2.2. Why NOT MMANA?

4.2.3. Characteristics Free Version Available Windows

4.3. 4NEC2

4.3.1. Why 4NEC2?

4.3.2. Why NOT 4NEC2?

4.3.3. Characteristics Free Windows

4.4. NEC4WIN

4.4.1. Why NEC4WIN?

4.4.2. Why NOT NEC4WIN?

4.4.3. Characteristics Free Windows

4.5. Antenna Model

4.5.1. Why Antenna Model?

4.5.2. Why NOT Antenna Model

4.5.3. Characteristics Commercial Windows MiniNEC Engine

4.6. NECWin

4.6.1. Why NECWin? extensive coverage in the antenna modeling course

4.6.2. Why NOT NECWin?

4.6.3. Characteristics Commercial Windows NEC2 Engine

4.7. CocoaNEC

4.7.1. Why CocoaNEC? native Macintosh application

4.7.2. Why NOT CocoaNEC?

4.7.3. Characteristics Macintosh Free Source Available Works in multiple modes Spreadsheet entry Scripting language NEC Card Deck Entry

4.8. NEC

4.8.1. Why NEC? More flexible

4.8.2. Why NOT NEC? More difficult to use Easier to make mistakes External follow on programs are needed to add graphical support Have to think in 80-column cards for input

4.8.3. Characteritics Source Code Compile it yourself Binaries available No Graphical Interface Old Fashioned 80-col card input Line Printer Output NEC2 Free Why NEC2? Why NOT NEC2? NEC4 Licensed Export Restrictions Why NEC4? Why NOT NEC4?

4.9. xnecview

4.9.1. Why xnecview? UNIX X Windows

4.9.2. Characteristics Source code Interactive graphical display of NEC2 output

4.9.3. Why not xnecview? Graphical output only - does not help with card deck creation