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California by Mind Map: California

1. Company

1.1. Apple

2. Culture

2.1. Sports

2.2. Sexuality

2.2.1. California is the first state in USA, which has forbidden the law (therapists who says they can cure teens for being gay).

3. politics

3.1. number of representives

3.2. care for homeless

4. Geographic

4.1. the 3 largest state

4.2. after texas and Alaska

4.3. the most populated state in the us

4.3.1. 39,5 million people, 25 Interesting Facts about California - Swedish Nomad

4.4. Language

4.4.1. English

4.4.2. Spanish, why do people speak spanish and how does it effect the state, fx. do signs have to be in both spanish and english and such things. Spanish Colonies

5. History

5.1. Spanish Colonies

6. sightseeing

6.1. Worlds biggest tree

6.1.1. the redwood national park

6.1.2. 370 feet tall or 112.77 meters tall

6.2. San Diego zoo

6.2.1. in Californias oldest city