Building a Business Plan

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Building a Business Plan by Mind Map: Building a Business Plan

1. How will the business make money?

1.1. A business model

2. What business are you in?

2.1. Develop a mission or vision statement

3. What do you need to get off the ground?

3.1. Enthusiasm

3.2. Hard work

3.3. Cash flow

3.3.1. What will be needed to get up and running

4. What type of operating budget?

4.1. How much is needed to operate your business month/month

4.2. What earning amount is needed to meet overhead expenses and make a profit?

4.3. Upfront decisions before a reliable number is set.

4.4. Where to do business?

4.5. What equipment is needed to maintain the business?

4.6. How many employees?

4.7. Marketing Budget.

5. Who are your customers?

5.1. What do customers want

5.1.1. A task analysis

5.2. A happy customer makes a happy business

5.2.1. Surveys and customer research for services provided

6. Why is your company special?

6.1. Good reasons for customers

6.2. Good business plans

6.3. Strategies that promote success

7. How to measure success

7.1. Money earned

7.2. Non-profit company

7.3. How to increase customer numbers

8. What are the challenges

8.1. How to remedy problems

8.2. Hiring and holding to employees

8.3. Responding to change efficiently