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CRANE by Mind Map: CRANE

1. Hahahaha :)

2. Form

2.1. Solid

2.1.1. What materials will I use? Can it be full clay? Would it be possible to build it with just popsicle sticks?

2.1.2. Won't the crane top be to heavy? Will that part tip over?

2.1.3. Can it be a solid? Won't it need some empty area?

2.1.4. Can the base be fully solid?

2.2. Shell

2.2.1. How can it lift the weight? Won't it tip over?

2.2.2. Will it be to light?

2.3. Frame

2.3.1. Will this be enough? Can it lift the weight?

2.4. Combination

2.4.1. Is combination not frame?

3. Forces

3.1. External

3.1.1. Dead Load Will we do it on the ground? Will the dead load be slanted? Will it be flat?

3.1.2. Live Load How heavy does it have to be? Will the crane be the live load?

3.1.3. Dynamic load Will the crane face some shaking? Will the there be any wind?

3.2. Internal

3.2.1. Tension Will my group's ties be enough to hold up the crane?

3.2.2. Compression Is there anything that can withstand compression? Can a beam withstand compression? Can our struts withstand compression?

3.2.3. Torsion Does our crane need torsion? What do we need to build to with stand torsion?

3.2.4. Shear How does shear act upon a crane? What effect might it have on a crane? What components might be able to with stand shear?

4. Stability

4.1. Centre of Gravity

4.1.1. How low can the centre of gravity be?

4.1.2. How big does the base have to be for the centre of gravity to be at the bottom?

4.1.3. Can the centre of gravity be at the very, very bottom?

4.2. Base

4.2.1. Would it work if you have a small but very heavy base? Would that still tip over when you touch the top?

4.2.2. What would happen if I made a really big base and an ok sized top, what would happen?

4.2.3. Could the base be made of many, many materials?

4.3. Height

4.3.1. Would it work if I had a good base but a really tall structure? Would it fall?

4.3.2. What would happen if i had a short structure but a poor base, what would happen?

4.4. Loads

4.4.1. What could happen to it if the loads were heavier than the structure itself? Would it snap?

4.4.2. What happens if many loads use/ pass though it, will it eventually fail?

4.5. Symmetry

4.5.1. Would symmetry really affect the stability of the structure?

4.5.2. Or is it just looks?

5. BY:Vivian