Flow State Alex Azzi's research map

My research on flow states

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Flow State Alex Azzi's research map by Mind Map: Flow State Alex Azzi's research map

1. Pattern recognition with risk taking

1.1. Equal participation & skill level

2. Immediate feedback

3. How to enter the ‘flow state’ for effortless creativity by Matt Davis

4. Combine chocolate with mao I (cinnamon)

5. Visualize being in flow

5.1. Address the fear

6. Increased happiness

7. Gotzler

7.1. Pomodoro technique

7.2. Pavlock / self punishment

7.3. Distraction free zone

7.4. Why is the outcome important for you

7.5. Set goals

7.6. Intermittent fasting / keto

7.7. Limit resources

7.7.1. What do I need or want flow for

7.8. Binaural beats

7.9. Create a powerful morning routine

8. 17 Triggers

8.1. Accelerate / catalyze entrance into flow states

8.2. 4 Psychological

8.2.1. Intensely focused attention

8.2.2. Clear goals

8.2.3. Challenge : Skills ratio

8.3. 3 Environmental

8.3.1. High consequences

8.3.2. Deep embodiment

8.3.3. Rich environment

8.4. Sense of control

8.5. 9 Social

8.5.1. Serious concentration

8.5.2. Shared, clear goals

8.5.3. Good communication

8.5.4. Familiarity

8.5.5. Risk

8.5.6. Close listening

8.5.7. Always say yes

8.6. 1 Creative

9. Science

9.1. Neuroscience

9.1.1. Transient hypofrontality

9.1.2. Exercise induced

9.1.3. Neurochemistry Neurotransmitters Pre frontal cortex Dopamine Norapinephrine Seratonin Endorphins Anandamide Cocktail released Hormones

9.1.4. Neuroanatomy Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex deactivated Inner critic Voice of doubt / disparagement Less critical More courageous Abilities augmented Imagine new possibilities

9.1.5. Neurobiology Flow is product of profound changes in brain function Brainwaves move from fast moving beta to slow borderline between alpha and theta Alpha Day dreaming Theta REM Just before sleep Ideas combine in radical ways

10. Sort

10.1. Overthinking

10.1.1. Pre frontal cortex

10.2. Time periods

10.2.1. Long term

10.2.2. Short term

10.3. Focus

10.4. Midpoint between boredom and anxiety

10.5. Addictive

10.5.1. Autotelic

10.6. Happiness

10.6.1. Aristotle conclusion

10.6.2. What people want more than anything

10.7. Extreme situational awareness

10.7.1. How to get if? Pay more attention

10.8. Skills

10.8.1. Automized

10.8.2. 3-4

10.9. Hyper ergonomics

10.9.1. No friction Intention Action

10.9.2. How to get it Work out the kinks

10.10. Feel the force don’t force the feel

11. What is Flow

11.1. Subset

11.1.1. Non Ordinary States of Consciousness Types Dreams Trance Possession Functional Optimal Those states or experiences which take us out of ourselves Disfunctional Mental illnesss

11.2. Ecstasis

11.3. Experience STER

11.3.1. Selfnessness Reboot for nervous system / psychology Inner critic Neurosis Provides objective experience of subjective life Subject object shift Robert Keegan Monkey suit

11.3.2. Timelessness Montessori 3 hours

11.3.3. Effortlessness Pain relief

11.4. Richness

11.4.1. Insight connection innovation outpaced

11.4.2. Heightened pattern recognition

11.4.3. Lateral thinking

11.5. Characteristics

11.5.1. Complete concentration on a task

11.5.2. Clarity of goals, immediate feedback, and a reward in mind

11.5.3. Transformation of time (speeding up or slowing down of time)

11.5.4. Intrinsically rewarding experience – an end in-and-of itself

11.5.5. Effortlessness and ease

11.5.6. Balance between challenge and skills

11.5.7. Actions merge with awareness — a loss of self-conscious rumination

11.5.8. Feelings of control over the task

11.5.9. Subjective feeling Senses heightened Concentration laser focused Everything else falls away Action and awareness merge Sense of self disappears Self consciousness Time distortion Slows down Speeds up All aspects of performance are heightened

12. Research

12.1. Origin

12.1.1. Cross species communication

12.2. Articles

12.2.1. How to Enter the Flow State by Marelisa What Is The State of Flow The Point at Which You Hit the State of Flow How Does It Feel to Be in the Flow How to Achieve the Flow State Conclusion

12.2.2. ‘Flow’ Can Help You Achieve Goals by Kendra Cherry How Does it Feel to Experience Flow How to Achieve Flow Applications and Examples of Flow The Benefits of Flow

12.2.3. Flow State: What It Is and How to Achieve It by Alayna Cherry Nice short article

13. Definition

13.1. Optimal state of consciousness, a peak state, where we both feel our best and perform our best

13.2. Being in "The Zone"

13.3. The most desirable state on earth?

13.3.1. Most elusive

13.3.2. Except for adventure atheletes

13.4. Stella Grizont

13.4.1. The experience of complete absorption in a particular endeavor

13.4.2. “True engagement is when we are so lost in the task at hand that we lose a sense of time and space. We even forget ourselves, our ego [and its] ruminations.”

14. Benefits

14.1. Creativity

14.1.1. Most important skill Partnership for 21st century skills 250 researchers at 60 institutions Global survey of 1500 top execs by IBM of most desirable qualities in CEO

14.1.2. Australia study Tricky brain teaser No one solved Transcranial stimulation 23 solved in record time

14.1.3. Harvard study Teresa Amiable People are more creative in flow and after Trains us to be more creative

14.1.4. Theta state

14.2. Increased productivity

14.2.1. McKinsey study 10 years Found top execs 500% more productive in flow

14.3. Accelerated learning

14.4. Motivation

14.5. Overcoming fear

14.6. Improved performance

14.6.1. Physical

14.6.2. Mental

14.7. Better sleep

14.7.1. Rest / recovery ?

15. History

15.1. Mihaly

15.1.1. Largest psychological surveys ever in 1970s Questioning about best Performance Feeling Started with experts Chess Surgeons Dancers All walks of life Italian farmers Navajo sheepherders Chicago assembly line workers Elderly Korean women

15.1.2. Ability vs challenge framework 2

15.1.3. Flow test