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Issues On Sex by Mind Map: Issues On Sex

1. family planning

1.1. methods of birth control:

1.1.1. permanent contraceptive methods sterilisation male sterilisation(Vasectomy) female sterilisation(Ligation) used only if the couple does not want to have anymore children

1.1.2. temporary contraceptive methods condom thin rubber tube prevents the deposit of the sperm into the vagina for covering the erect penis before intercourse intra-uterine device coil of metal/plastic inserted into the uterus by a doctor prevents the fertilised egg from being implanted in the uterus cap and diaphragm fitted over the cervix(area between vagina and uterus) by a doctor prevents the sperm from entering the uterus rubber or plastic barriers spermicide applied to the vagina before sexual intercourse substance that kills sperms pill drugs containing female hormones stops ovulation by preventing the ovaries from releasing ova rhythm method couple avoids sexual intercourse when fertilisation is most likely(when ovulation occurs)

2. birth control/contraception

2.1. preventing the sperm from fusing with the ovum

3. premarital sex

3.1. may lead to unplanned pregnancies

3.1.1. pregnancy may still occur even with contraceptive methods

3.2. sexually transmitted diseases

3.2.1. Diseases like Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Aids are illnesses that are hard to cure if not found out in the early stages and can endanger your lives.

3.3. abortion

3.4. abstinence

3.4.1. act of staying away from sex

3.5. abandoned babies

4. abortion

4.1. reasons of abortion

4.1.1. the life of the mother is in danger if the pregnancy continues

4.1.2. pregnancy was unplanned

4.1.3. couple is poor and cannot afford another baby

4.1.4. the baby is severely physically and mentally deformed

4.2. abortion can be dangerous for a woman

4.2.1. infection of the uterus and fallopian tubes can make it more difficult for the woman to be pregnant in the future

4.2.2. guilt may lead to depression

4.2.3. puncturing of the uterus by the instruments can result in massive loss of blood

4.2.4. massive loss of blood from the vagina can lead to death

4.3. deliberate ending of a pregnancy

4.4. abortion is carried out by removing the embryo or foetus from the uterus

4.4.1. should always be carried out by a trained doctor

4.4.2. in Singapore,abortions are only carried out during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy unless the mother's life is in danger

5. helping people to have babies

5.1. in-vitro fertilisation

5.1.1. ova is take from the woman's body and placed in a glass dish in the laboratory

5.1.2. sperm is take from the man's body and used to fertilise the ova

5.1.3. fertilised eggs divide to form the embryo and placed in the uterus of the woman

5.1.4. the then fully-developed foetus is born naturally

5.1.5. people born through IVF are called 'testtube babies"

5.2. hormone treatment to increase fertility

5.3. artifical insemination

5.4. cryopreservation of sperm

5.5. surrogacy

6. sexually transmitted infections

6.1. STIs

6.1.1. AIDS/HIV transmission of AIDS

6.1.2. syphilis

6.1.3. diseases that are passed on by an infected person during sex

6.1.4. late treatment may cause serious health problems and eventually death

6.1.5. often cannot be detected early as it does not show any signs or symptoms

6.1.6. caused by bacteria/viruses

6.1.7. dangers of STIs most of this STIs are hard to cure or even impossible to cure in the late stages and till now, there isn't are cure for AIDS.

6.1.8. gonorrhoea caused by a bacteria called "Neisseria gonorrhoea" can only be treated by antibiotics but only in the early stages symptoms and signs pain when urinating damages the reproductive organs, leading to sterility may cause blindness to babies with mother's that have this disease pus coming out of penis or vagina

6.1.9. prevention of STIs have sex with only one uninfected sex partner have sexual intercourse using a condom