Say "no" to

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the aviator and author of The Little Prince, said: “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”Here are 31 important things to take away.

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Say "no" to by Mind Map: Say "no" to

1. Personality

1.1. Procrastination

1.2. Negative self-talk

1.3. Perfection

1.4. Excuses

1.5. Comparing to others

2. Health

2.1. The snooze button

2.2. Partying every night

2.3. Stimulants before bed

2.4. Food with no quality nutrients

3. Relationships

3.1. Takers

3.2. Social Media

3.3. Listening to complaints about others

3.4. Naysayers

4. Work-life balance

4.1. Bad Routines

4.2. Bad Clients

4.3. Doing life stuff at work

4.4. Doing work stuff at home

4.5. A bad business partner

5. Productivity

5.1. Reading things you don't enjoy

5.2. Completing useless things

5.3. Tap-on-the-shoulder interruptions

5.4. Responding to messages ad-hoc

5.5. Doing things you can delegate

5.6. Overly long meetings

6. Environment

6.1. Clutter

6.2. Toxic people

6.3. Spending most of your time with the wrong people

6.4. Poor sleeping conditions

7. Other

7.1. Waiting needlessly

7.2. Comparing apples to oranges

7.3. Your cellphone