Mikhail 2020

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Mikhail 2020 by Mind Map: Mikhail 2020

1. Successful 2020

1.1. Mikhail

1.1.1. Lead customer initial conversations Task DM - Session on asking open ended questions

1.1.2. L5 Promotion Task TASK - DM - Promo support conversation

1.2. Troy H/Rajeev

1.2.1. Need to work this out

1.2.2. Certification Associate DevOps SysOps Pro SA DM - Session on time management

1.3. Customer

1.3.1. Deep Racer Task Become an expert to technically lead it Work with Erin to market it

1.3.2. 201 Blast Task Find core services first call decks

1.3.3. Kubeflow Task Getting involved with workshop TFC Support a customer workshop Broader kubeflow education

1.4. Account Team

1.4.1. New Services POC/Demos Work with DM