Comparing Pyramids Around The World

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Comparing Pyramids Around The World by Mind Map: Comparing Pyramids Around The World

1. Located in San Isidro, Peru

2. Located in Cairo, Eygpt

3. Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India

4. One of the greatest discoveries

5. Ancient City, JAPAN

6. Xi’an, China

7. Mesopotamia.

8. Step pyramid

9. Argolid, Greece

10. The world largest pyramid

11. Located in Cholula , Mexico

12. Great Pyramid of Cholula

13. Pyramid of Hellinikon

14. Ziggurat

15. The Great White Pyramid

16. Underwater Pyramid

17. Thanjavur Temple Pyramid

18. Pyramid of Menkaure

19. Huaca Huallamarca Pyramid

20. Tenerife, Canary Islands

21. A large glass and metal pyramid

22. Paris, France

23. Nubia, Egypt

24. Porta San Paolo, Rome

25. Saqqara, Egypt

26. The first Egyptian pyramid

27. The largest and the oldest pyramid in Giza Necropolis

28. Located in Cairo, Egypt

29. The Pyramid Of Khufu

30. The Great Step Pyramid

31. Pyramid of Cestius

32. Nubian Pyramids

33. Louvre Pyramid

34. Pyramids of Guimar