Current office job

It is a chart of what I always do in my daily normal administration work.

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Current office job by Mind Map: Current office job

1. secretary

1.1. jay's order

1.2. angela's request

1.3. Liang's request

1.4. Chris's request

1.5. Roy's request

1.6. admin. job

1.6.1. check the machine paper tray

1.6.2. chat with office cleaner

1.6.3. record daily happenings

1.7. check any new notifications

2. free mind

2.1. active

2.1.1. walk around the floor

2.1.2. chat with office cleaner

2.1.3. make coffee for myself

2.1.4. do some handmake accessories (may be)

2.2. silent

2.2.1. reading

2.2.2. go online

2.2.3. what else i can do?