Energy :D

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Energy :D by Mind Map: Energy :D

1. Types of energy

1.1. Geothermal Energy

1.2. Kinetic Energy

1.3. Light Energy

1.4. Solar Energy

1.5. Electrical Energy

1.6. Sound Energy

1.7. Potential Energy

1.7.1. Gravitational Potential Energy

1.7.2. Chemical Potential Energy

1.8. Heat Energy

2. Definition

2.1. It is the ability to do work or to produce a change.

3. Energy Conversions

3.1. Green leaves

3.1.1. Light Energy -> Chemical Potential Energy

3.2. Space Shuttle

3.2.1. Chemical Potential Energy -> Kinetic Energy+Gravitational Potential Energy->Heat Energy+Sound Energy

3.3. Hydro-electric Power Station

3.3.1. Gravitational Potential Energy of water in the dam-> Kinetic Energy of moving water-> Kinetic Energy of turbine-> Electrical Energy in generator

3.4. Pile Driver

3.4.1. Chemical Potential Energy-> Electrical Energy->Gravitational Potential Energy-> Heat Energy+Sound Energy