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Phase 5 Mindmap by Mind Map: Phase 5 Mindmap
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Phase 5 Mindmap

Limitations: -Some information we store may be highly confidential and there is a possibility that we would not be allowed to store certain kinds of information on the cloud, for example, in Canada information on health of personal cannot be stored outside of Canada. -There is a potential security risk of storing it in the cloud as hacking is common in today’s highly computerized environment. -Even though there is a 99.8% uptime of servers for cloud computing, there is still a chance where the system could be down when we need the system to run. -Training of our employees on using cloud computing is crucial to effectively use it. Training can be costly, time consuming and may not be effective for all employees. -There could possibly be complications between our system and clients or contractors. Our clients especially will need systems in place to be able to communicate with our system and this could be a potential barrier for cloud computing as an alternative. -Maintenance costs for a system like this could potentially be expensive; our company would probably need to pay for a technological team to upkeep a server like this -Legal issues may arise as using a cloud computing system may infringe certain trademarks (I got it from the net, I guess you’d be stealing ‘script’ from other people to set up a network like this?) -The way the infrastructure is laid out could make it very easy to use or not easy to use. This could potentially attract or repel clients and employers.

Use of video conferencing saves time and provides more flexibility

Employees could access and record the interview from different places across the country or even across the world

City Workforce does not have to have staff online 24/7 to conduct a live interview

First phase of interview questions could be recorded to give potential employees a chance to record their answers and submit it to staff at City Workforce

Ways to mitigate some limitations: -We can store the confidential information which is not allowed to be stored on the cloud internally; this is still significantly cheaper than having a full internal data/server setup. A internal storage system can be linked with the cloud so that information can still be accessed through the cloud but not stored on the cloud, and this may be a potential solution. -A whole organization wide training can be executed within a couple of days so that all employees are on the same page, another option which may be potentially cheaper is to outsource the training externally. -Even though there have been hacking incidences, server/data companies whom offer cloud services have some of the most advanced security measures, and that is the best defense we have. The security systems of cloud computing providers would be far superior to any internal alternatives so even in terms of security, cloud computing is a better technological path for our company. -There is a small percentage of downtime for cloud computing, however this would be the same case for an internal system. Usually when downtime is needed the cloud service provider would warn us before they do anything and they usually have a down time during odd hours where usage is at its lowest. -One solution to deal with clients is that we could possibly provide our clients with some kind of training to use our systems, and it’s in their best interest as they will be provided with better services. -You could mitigate some of the costs and risks of abusing a system like this by imposing a fee onto clients. Making them pay a small amount to use it therefore they would find a bit more ownership and not abuse it with privacy issues etc… -Hiring a good infrastructure designer to deal with these issues. The design process is very important as cloud computing, just like everything else is very design oriented. Ease of use will add to value chain whereas an interface that’s difficult to navigate wont.

General Information: - Set of computer programs that help organizations track and store electronic document / images - Can keep multiple versions created by different users (historically) - This technology helps provide a method of capturing, managing, sharing, and securing information within an organization - Uses are wide spread in many industries, such as: architecture, engineering, construction, education, financial services, government, healthcare, legal, life sciences, manufacturing, member organizations, property management, warehouse and distribution. Overall this technology helps: 1. Convert paper into digital files 2. Store the files electronically 3. Automated process 4. Electronically route and track information through an audit trail 5. Captures all record changes 6. Quick retrieval times 7. Flexible in applying record changes, and

Strengths: - Speeding up processes - Lowering Risk - Reducing operational costs (from typical business products of supplies – paper-based costs, storage fess, and shipping) - Efficiency and productivity in business process - Appropriate in the legal-political frame work of most industries - Useful with repeated information and recognizing minute differences

Limitations: - Information can be very disorganized because of large quantity leading to more confusion and mistakes - Since the centralization nature of the storage location, compromise of security risk is possible - If this technology is not fully understood, many functions may not be utilized - Certain components of this technology may not be applicable to certain companies which may lead to higher cost for organizations

Ways of mitigation of these limitations: - Off-site document management system may be more effective, reliable efficient, secure, and affordable - This may mean that the organization may need to hire an external firm to provide the document management services (leading to higher cost) - Prevents disaster within internal information loss because of the non-existence of external back-up (External DMS may help provide a back-up system - Liability and responsibility of such process would be no longer necessary so that people may be more focused on the current job on hand - Another way of mitigation would be to provide skill and comprehensive information classes that provides employees with the skills necessary to use this technology effectively

Group 401

Mobile App

Adequate+ Your strengths and limitations analysis is fine, you need to explore more about the mitigation methods.

Discussion Question: Choose a technology, e.g. mobile computing. Highlight the strengths and limitations of the technology for your company. Identify some ways you can mitigate these limitations.

Neue Idee

Group 405

Video Conferencing

Good- structured, organized and logical reasoning, you've included a relatively coprehensive aspects. Suggestion is the video conferencing technology itself, it maybe unstable and asyncronous, these days businesss partners still fly to destined places to negotiate instead of talking online, how will you deal with this problem?

Group 406 (CityWorkfoce)

Intelligent recommendation agent

Adequate- You need to think more about the mitigation methods, the existant resolution is too general and does not make a lot of sense.

Group 407

Good Foods Canada: Mobile E-Commerce

Good Logic and structured reasoning, your ideas are very innovative, you can add more details to make the plan better.

Group 416

Adequate - Very generic answers, try to apply them to your project in more detail.


Group 417

Adequate - Very basic answers; need to apply the technology in more detail.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Group 418

Excellent + Good job!!

Good Foods and Mobile Computing: variety of wireless devices that has the mobility to allow people to connect to the internet, providing wireless transmission to access data and information from wherever they are.

Group 420

Adequate + Your mitigation ideas are weak.

Mobile Application

Group 415

Technology: Cloud Computing

Group 414

RFID tags

Group 413

Good -- Good start, need to further think on the management side of things. Just suggesting that you hire the best etc. are weak answers.

Technology ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning Strengths -consolidate all information so when doctors are treating a patient, they have the most up to date information -Connects entire clinic - to create a single hub for patient information (receptionist, doctors, outside pharmaceuticals, etc.) -able to process information faster between departments to help decrease customer waiting times -helps supplier relationship management and procurement (reduce costs) -increase speed of payment (processing time/discharge/insurance claim procedure) -lowers potential human error due to having less entry points Limitations -Non- Customizable -high initial investment -technically difficulty to learn/implement -possible access of private information by lower staff (Privacy Act) -ERP is better for manufacturing not necessarily patient care -long term strategy (can not see immediate benefits) How to Mitigate? -First and foremost it is crucial to do a cost/benefit analysis, however, because we do not have that information readily available, we are going to assume it is better if it is standardized therefore the customizable factor is not important -To reduce difficulty of switch to technology we would prep our employees well in advance (change management); let people involved in use of technology that not all will run smoothly in first couple of runs with EMR. They may be working a little harder and a little longer to get used to using the system -Futhermore, we would pay for a high quality training program. Although this would be more costly in the short term, the benefits of proper training in the long term would be less (ex: fixing errors that cost time and money in which our patients would unnecessarily be waiting had the staff not been adequately trained) -Have a highly efficient and effective IT resource - ideally a team - who specializes in this type of equipment; nurses and doctors are not expected to fix software problems beyond their training of how to use ERP -To reduce risk of compromising the Privacy Act within our company, using an Access control would mean that only upper level management can access patient-confidential information. We could implement a PIN type of technology (such as bank cards use PIN numbers) that are private and personal to upper level management staff such as doctors, psychologists, etc. The use of a PIN type of access control would also reduce the risk of lower staff gaining a generic passcode to access patient files.

Group 412

Group 411

Adequate - You are expected to think more deeply about these concepts. You answers are very generic.

Recommendation Agents

Group 408

GPS System (Vehicle Tracking)

Adequate Your strength limitation analysis is quite nice, technology definiton is also good, however you've lost the explanation for how you will mitigate the limitation.

Group 409

Cloud Computing System (DataMed)

Good Very detailed and strctured explanation, good job!

Group 404 - VAnalyst

Cloud Computing

Good- Well organized and logical reasoning, you've noticed the weakness of security which is quite right, my suggestion is that you may explain a little more about the "Downtime" and "Uptime" in order to let others understand easier.

Group 403

ERP can have great value for DataMed because the integration of all the different departments would help reach our goal of superior customer service

Adequate Your technology and advantage&disadvantage is reasonable, however,more detail is needed for your explanation. Your reasoning is too general and other industries can also fit into these. Especially the last one " our organizational goal already depends on coordination" can not help others understand why it is the reason for adopting ERP, the default departments in ERP may quite different from your DataMed company.

Group 402 - MoveIT

Recommendation Agents

Good Your analysis is logical and well organized, your mitigation method is innovative and feasible.

Group 410

Social Networking

Adequate- It is unclear which weakness does your second mitigation method target at, plus there is another problem with your "sign up for newsletters" solution for now social network users are more priacy awared, they are unreluctant to register for unreliable websites in sake of privacy, how to build trust on them is one important issue you need to deal with.

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