The Romans Create a Republic

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The Romans Create a Republic by Mind Map: The Romans Create a Republic

1. The Beginings of Rome

1.1. The Greeks tought the Romans important things.

1.1.1. Greeks tought the Romans how to grow grapes and olives.

1.2. They borrowed religious beliefs from the Greeks and the Etruscans.

1.2.1. The Romans adopted those beliefs because they thought it would help them win the favor of the gods.

1.3. Rome was found in 753 B.C.

1.3.1. In Roman legend, Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus.

2. The Early Republic

2.1. 600 B.C a Etuscan became king, however Rome was never controled by the Etuscan cities.

2.1.1. After the Romans deposed the Monarch, the formed a new government called Republic; a form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote to select their leader.

2.2. Patricians and Plebeians

2.2.1. Patricians, people who strugled for power, the aristocratic landowners who held most of the power. thies people inherited there power and social status.

2.2.2. Plebeians, the common people. Made up most of the population.

2.2.3. Tribunes, protect the rights of the plebeians from unfair acts. because they protected the plebeians, this made them gain more political power.

3. Rome Spreads its Power

3.1. Rome Conquers Italy

3.1.1. In the fourth century B.C Rome dominated central Italy.

3.2. War with Carthage

3.2.1. Romes location gave its people access to riches and lands ringing the Mediterranean.Sea.

3.3. Rome's Commercial Network

3.3.1. Was a War, during this war a battle strategy called the Hannibal was created.