The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic by Mind Map: The Roman Republic

1. The Origins of Rome

1.1. According to legend, it was founded in 753 B.C.

1.2. Built on seven rolling hills at a curve on the tiber river.

1.3. The first romans were the latins, the greeks, and the etruscans. Greeks then developed colonies.

2. The Early Republic

2.1. Tarquin the Proud was a harsh tyrant drove out of rome, which forced a republic to be put in as a government system.

2.2. 600 B.C., an etruscan became king of rome, rapidly growing from the hilltops to vast territory.

2.3. diff. groups of romans struggled for power. Patricians, and Plebeians.

2.4. Romes leaders allowed the plebians to form their own assembly called tribunes

2.5. the plebians created the twelve tables that had written law carved on them, and hung in the forum

2.6. roman soliders were organized into large military units called legions.

3. Roman Spreads its Power

3.1. by 265 B.C., romans were in control of italy

3.2. Romes commercial netowrk grows from merchants sailing into rome from the mediterranean.

3.3. roman and carthage went to war, known as the Punic wars., a man named hannibal was the miltary genius behind it.

3.4. Hannibal assembled an army of 50,000 infantry, 9,000 cavalry, and 60 elephants