The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic by Mind Map: The Roman Republic

1. origins of Rome

1.1. B.C. founded in 753 b.c. by Romulus and Remus

1.2. Rome was built on rolling hills and a curve on the Tiber River

1.3. near the mid point of the medertarian

1.4. 3 groups inhabited the region and battle for control, they were latins, greeks, and ethruscans.

2. The early Republic

2.1. about 600 b.c. etthruscans became king of rome.

2.2. last king was TArquin the Proud, a tirant that wwas driven from power.

2.3. est. Republic- power rests with citizens who have the right to vote

2.4. in 451 b.c. a group of officials began writing down roman laws on 12 tables and hung them in the forum.

2.5. all free citizens had the right to the protection of the law

2.6. all citizens who owned land were required to serve in the military.

3. rome spreads its power

3.1. rome conqured italy

3.2. location gave easy access to richest of lands ringing the medetarian sea

3.3. in 264 b.c. rome and carthage went to war.