The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic by Mind Map: The Roman Republic

1. The Origins of Rome

1.1. Founded in 753 B.C.

1.1.1. Founded by Romulus and Remus, according to legend.

1.1.2. Romulus and Remus were the twins sons of the god Mars and were abandoned as babies.

1.2. Built on seven rolling hills on the Tiber River.

1.2.1. Located in central Italy.

2. The Early Republic

2.1. Over the span of various kings rule many different buildings were consructed.

2.1.1. The most famous building constructed was the Forum, the heart of Roman political life.

2.2. The last king of Rome was Tarquin the Proud.

2.2.1. He was a harsh tyrant driven from power in 509 B.C. An early form of a republic was put in place to prevent such a rule from occuring again,

3. Rome Spreads it Power

3.1. The further away a conqured nation was the less rights they recieved.

3.2. They expanded their territories through trade and conquest.

3.2.1. The legions battled for power over the Italian peninsula.

3.2.2. Neighboring Latins became full citizens