Comparing Pyramids Around The World

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Comparing Pyramids Around The World by Mind Map: Comparing  Pyramids Around The World

1. Pyramid of Djoser

1.1. It is a step pyramid

1.2. a building that has outer surfaces is triangle and converge at a point.

1.3. It is 204 feet high

2. Pyramid of Mexico

2.1. located at the mayan

2.2. This is a 272ft by 199ft field

3. Pyramid of Ecuador

3.1. The history of Cochasquí goes back from year 950 AD to the year 1550 AD

3.2. Cochasquí is made up of 15 truncate pyramids and about 20 dispersed funeral knolls, all of which are enclosed in a 83,9 hectares area

4. Pyramid of Serbia

4.1. Rtanj in Serbia has a 3 sided geometric natural stone pyramid on its top

5. Pyramid of Russia

5.1. 200 km east of Vladivostok, suspicious twin-hills are reported to be gigantic stone pyramids

5.2. Legends tell of a disappeared civilization which built cyclope walls on the mountain

6. Pyramid of Australia

6.1. 922 metres tall, and quite steep so you need to be fit and healthy to make the climb

6.2. The scenery from the top of the pyramid is spectacular and takes in 360-degree views ­ it makes the climb worth all the effort

7. Pyramid of Peru

7.1. The Vicús was a pre-Hispanic civilization that flourished in Peru's northern coastal desert from 200 B.C to 300 A.D. and is known for its decorated ceramics

7.2. The platform, measuring 82 feet (25 meters) by 98 feet (30 meters), was found alongside one of the larger pyramids in the complex

8. Pyramids in Bosnia

8.1. New nodeOsmanagic estimates that the Sun pyramid stands 722 feet (220m) high

8.2. If it is 722 feet, it would be one third taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza, making it the largest pyramidal structure on Earth.

9. Pyramid of Greece

9.1. the pyramid was erected at about 2720 B.C.

9.2. The pyramid at Hellenikon has the shape of a tour with its external sides sloping and surrounding a rectangular building of total dimensions 7,030 by 9,070 m

10. Pyramid in Japan

10.1. more than 3,000 to 10,000 years old, which would make them the world's oldest

10.2. measured 120 m in length, 40 m wide and 20­25 m high, was 8000 years old

11. Pyramid of United States of America

11.1. approximately 21,690,000 cubic feet, a base and total volume greater than that of the pyramid of Khufu

11.2. on a base 1,037 feet long and 790 feet wide

12. Pyramid of Turkey

12.1. Mt Nemrut, Kâhta is a natural mountain (2150m), with a 50 metre artificial peak built on top

12.2. It was constructed as a tomb for King Antinochus I during the period 80 B.C-72 B.C

13. Pyramid of Mexico

13.1. is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, in the Mexican state of Puebla.

13.2. The Mesoamerican region's largest pyramid by volume - indeed, the largest in the world by volume

14. Pyramids of Guimar

14.1. located at the eastern shore of Tenerife Island, the Canary Islands

14.2. six step pyramids with a rectangular ground plan reaching a maximum height of about 12 metres

15. Pyramids of Egypt

15.1. In Egypt people build pyramid for memory for king/queen tombs

15.2. 20,000 to 30,000 workers built the Pyramids at Giza over 80 years

16. Pyramid of India

16.1. Pyramid building is approximately 9 stories high (about 40m)

16.2. The Meditation Halls at the Osho Commune to duplicate the three pyramids at the Giza Plateau

17. Pyramid of China

17.1. In China they call it Great White Pyramid

17.2. located at the city of Xi'an

18. Pyramid in El Salvador

18.1. 900 BC

18.2. Pyramid San Andrés

18.3. Scale model of the pyramid well-known Structure 5 or “the Bell” of San Andrés, located in the sector of the city known as the Great Plaza

19. Pyramids of Akapana Bolivia

19.1. The 59-foot-tall Akapana resembles a large natural hill more than a pyramid

19.2. By A.D. 950 all monumental construction suddenly ends with stones in various stages of dressing scattered around the partially built monuments.

20. Pyramid of Italy

20.1. The pyramid is a funerary monument built about 12 BC as a tomb for Caius Cestius

20.2. 27 meters high and about 22 meters square