Social Distancing and Emotional Distancing

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Social Distancing and Emotional Distancing by Mind Map: Social Distancing and Emotional Distancing

1. Data on Doctors

1.1. What are doctors already going through? (mentally)

1.1.1. current situation Poor organization Struggling With Lack of Doctors, India Faces Mounting COVID-19 Cases COVID-19 | Is India’s health infrastructure equipped to handle an epidemic? Lack of resources Mumbai: Hospital staffer tests positive for coronavirus, others point to discrimination Lack of personal protective gear Coronavirus: Shortage of PPE, masks easing, says govt | India News - Times of India Personal fear of getting infected/infecting someone else Indian Doctors Evicted Over Coronavirus Transmission Fears, Says Medical Body - The Wire Science 'India's healthcare system failed my family' Doctors responsible for their own safety when dealing with COVID-19 cases: Govt in Supreme Court Being discriminated and stigmatised by society & community Doctors Come Under Attack in India as Coronavirus Stigma Grows Doctors in India evicted from their homes as coronavirus fear spreads India coronavirus doctors 'spat at and attacked' Stigma: the other enemy India’s overworked doctors face in the battle against Covid-19 Your family being discriminated and stigmatised by society & community Mumbai : Recovered Nurse Breaks Down As She Explains Her Battle With The Coronavirus And Society Violence against doctors News - Latest violence against doctors News, Information & Updates - Health News -ET HealthWorld Fear of Violence towards you or your family members The forgotten pandemic – violence against doctors

1.1.2. challenges face at work during the pandemic Responded on survey conducted Wearing PPE for long hours , poor administration , lack of resources , uncooperative patients , negative atmosphere Patients not using masks Constant fear of infection and exposure Lack of soap. Many contact surfaces There is a lot of frustration, blaming oneself, everything being very stressful, getting irritated very fast. Testing pediatric patients, because of the huge costume. (PPE)

1.1.3. challenges faced outside of work during the pandemic Responded on survey conducted Your own co-workers getting infected by the virus. Buying Groceries , difficulty in getting basic services , Lack of transportation , poor availability of essentials due to hoarding Procuring masks. Trouble sleeping, having nightmares

1.1.4. contributing to stress Violence towards Health Care Professionals 'Majority of Indian docs stressed out due to fear of violence' - ET HealthWorld Discrimination and stigma from society Stigma: the other enemy India’s overworked doctors face in the battle against Covid-19 Coronavirus fears are making Indians boycott, evict and threaten their neighbours Doctors come under attack in India as coronavirus stigma grows | The Japan Times 'Stigmatised': India's coronavirus 'heroes' come under attack High death toll The Tricky Issue With Knowing How Many Are Dying From COVID-19 in India - The Wire Science The secret life of a doctor: 10 doctors share the biggest struggle of being in the profession - Times of India Responded on survey conducted Fear of infecting family members and loved ones Being overburdened and burnt out by long shifts due to lack of staff

1.1.5. Responces of actual doctors on how they feel about the violence, harassment & discrimination against doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare personnel? Responded on survey conducted Protection should be ensured for frontline workers. Sad Sad.. discouraging ... Decreases our interest in giving the best that we could Terrible , we are risking our lives for theirs and thisis the reciprocation

1.1.6. the things that have strengthened medical profesionals during the pandemic Responded on survey conducted Other inspiring stories My family'ssupport family support Husbands support Witnessing a stressful situation and hopefully managing it well.. Being able to im some way help the current situation

1.1.7. In the Health Care Profesionals opinion (taken on a survey), these would helpful in the wellbeing of a HCW's mental health during the pandemic and How the society contribute to it. Responded on survey conducted Virtual contact and discussion. Removing the environment of fear. Provisions for residence within or near hospitals. Government should invest more in healthcare more than the 1% of GDP it currently does. Cooperation Society can be more sympathetic and empathetic to us , share some burden by following basic guidelines , trusting us , if possible healthy people volunteering for basic help at hospitals, be kind Laws that protect health care workers rights Communicating and connecting with your co-workers on a regular basis, sharing the experiences.

2. what can be done to stop this?

2.1. target audience

2.1.1. low income crowd

2.1.2. not much access to information

2.2. what is the cause?

2.2.1. misconception

2.2.2. lack of information

2.2.3. fear of getting infected

2.3. awareness campign

2.3.1. Educating them about the precautionay measures tell how well they take care of themself to avoid virus

2.3.2. Campaign can help the doctors, by reducing or easing out some amount of stress if expresnally, outside of work, people do not discriminate, stigmatise and threaten them. how will this help?

2.3.3. To change people’s behavior, we need to frame coronavirus as a collective rather than an individual threat | MinnPost


2.3.5. Study of knowledge, attitude, anxiety & perceived mental healthcare need in Indian population during COVID-19 pandemic

2.3.6. The Coronavirus Brings Political Perspective


2.4. case study

2.4.1. campaigns done in dharavi

2.4.2. on civil servants

2.4.3. regional campigns

2.4.4. Similar topics Mankind Pharma shows support for doctors and medical staffs in latest campaign - Express Pharma Pro-ease launches #roktihoonruktinahin; salutes female Corona Warriors Coronavirus: why changing human behaviour is the best defence in tackling the virus Behaviour Change Communication: Innovative Ways In Which People Are Changing Mindsets About Swachhta | Features 16 Ways Coronavirus May Change the Way We Look at the World #Hereforyou campaign launches to showcase civil service Covid-19 response ‘Make in India’ concept to change people’s mindset: Nirmala You are being redirected...

2.5. what is already taking place?

2.5.1. protest march Doctors Protest Nationwide Over Assault On Kolkata Junior Doctor

2.5.2. Laws

3. why are doctors being stigmatized/discriminated/threatened/ostracized

3.1. people having fear that they will get the corona


3.1.2. because of their exposure to patients infected with Covid-1 India coronavirus doctors 'spat at and attacked'

3.1.3. who are these people? small shop keeps/ Rashan walas what they did Female Doctors Assaulted, Harassed in Delhi & Surat | COVID-19 India cops what they did location neighbours location belief what they did their communities/societies what they did

3.1.4. How Coronavirus affects your mental health and ways to cope