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Tenses by Mind Map: Tenses

1. Present

1.1. Simple

1.1.1. I always do my homework. Do you always do your homework? I don't always do my homework.

1.2. Continuous

1.2.1. I am watching TV now. I'm not watching TV now. Are you watching TV now?

1.3. Perfect

1.3.1. I have already eaten breakfast. I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Have you eaten your breakfast yet?

1.4. Perfect Continuous

1.4.1. I have been learning English since 2010. I have not been learning German for a long time. Have you been learning languages lately?

2. Past

2.1. Simple

2.1.1. I went to school yesterday. Did you go to school yesterday? I didn't go to school yesterday.

2.2. Continuous

2.2.1. I was going to school yesterday, when it started to rain. Were you going to school yesterday, when it started to rain? I wasn't going to school yesterday, when it started to rain.

2.3. Perfect

2.3.1. I wished I had told the truth.

2.4. Perfect Continuous

2.4.1. I had been playing football, before I ate breakfast.

3. Future

3.1. Simple

3.1.1. Predictably I will buy a car this year. Probably I will not be able to go to school tomorrow. Will it rain tomorrow?

3.2. Continuous

3.2.1. At 5 o'clock probably I will be meeting my boss. After I study, I will be knowing all the answers to the test. When he will arrive to the party, will you be cooking?

3.3. Perfect

3.3.1. I will have been here for 6 months on the 3rd of June.

3.4. Perfect Continuous

3.4.1. By 2040 I will have been working at this company for 20 years.