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1. Pro's : 1) Cheap and economical system 2) Environment-friendly 3) Energy-efficient Con's : 1) Requires drying of soil. 2) Ineffective in destroying or physically separating inorganics from the contaminated medium 3) Requiring proper treatment, storage, and disposal for hazardous wastes

2. Pyrolisis is thermochemical treatment, which can be applied to any organic product

2.1. Thermochemical method: i) Co-firing ii) Gasfication iii) Direct combustion iv) Pyrolysis

3. Pyrolysis parameters

3.1. a) Biomass type and preparation of feeding b) pyrolysis temperature c) catalyst d) sweeping gas velocity e) pasticle size f) reactor geometry g) heating rate

4. Pyrolysis does not involve reactions with oxygen, water or any other reagens.

5. Pro's and Con's

6. Types of pyrolysis

6.1. 1) Dry pyrolysis - Low temperature analysis - Medium Temperature analysis - High temperature analysis 2) Oxidizing analysis

7. Pyrolysis Diagram

7.1. Pyrolysis Diagram