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Yo-Rg by Mind Map: Yo-Rg

1. Conversation

1.1. 3/7/2012

1.1.1. Topics People Art Travel Channel Fun Charlie Angel Going to be AWESOME Good News Marketing Strategy Encouragement You're going to make a lot of money Just mindmap their problems and send them solutions Lightning Struck All Saved BodyMembers Charity Bars Pure Christian Rap Eternal Ruler Records

1.2. Pontus

1.2.1. Engineer PHD Artificial Intelligence From Japan Clientelle Big Time

1.2.2. Websites Started 15 20 Years Website Development Did not do much Don't like to market Super Expensive Sounds really awesome Cant wait to meet you in person

1.2.3. London Collin Tickets Great Question Hook-Up Ticket to Whatever Ticketmaster got bought out Life Mason

1.2.4. Asking Commercials All Over the Place I have seen it

1.2.5. Biggest Desire or Want Great Question Pretty Satisfied $ here and there Life Quality

1.2.6. Obstacle Quite a Change 10 Years Gone for things I would like to do

1.2.7. Photogrpaher Follow Them their Trip Custom Tours Stuff that we want To Do

2. Others

2.1. Scott Mukai

2.1.1. Program Kaulani 300 People

2.1.2. This sounds like fun man! That's terrific! I can be there tomorrow at 4 That sounds like a gas Do need to prep?

2.1.3. 4PM Hawaii Time 4PM - 5PM

2.1.4. Addition Neighbors Hey I'm Maui I do this this and that Having the Presentation

2.1.5. That's hot that's real hot End of the Month is PERFECT We can sell not only tours

2.1.6. Travel Channel called me That's too good That's killer That is killer Very interesting. Travel Channel, Millions of People watch that. That's top drawer

2.2. Mitch

2.2.1. Hiking

2.2.2. Coming Together

2.3. Son of Segway

3. Reseller Hosting

3.1. Accounts

3.1.1. Documented Zoho CRM

3.2. EBook

3.2.1. Mapped Out

4. Mission

5. Group

6. Website Portfolio List

7. Marketing

7.1. Websites

7.1.1. Free

7.1.2. Email

7.1.3. People Tommy Wants a website FREE WEBSITE Introduction Pitch

8. SEO Sources

8.1. Mark Genoveve

8.1.1. My City Search

8.1.2. Reached Blue Diamond

9. Success

9.1. This is INCREDIBLE

9.1.1. This is where the money is with Web Design

9.1.2. We can offer word of mouth affiliate services and EVEN post it on Craigslist

9.1.3. We can get so many websites done Nathan does the website development and puts it together Aaron goes ahead and beautifies the website and makes the graphics for each one and increases his portfolio does all the graphic work Eric does the SEO and gets the people found on Google for an extra service fee and also can put it together for them with adsense and google adwords campaigns and everything pertaining to SEO along with getting more leads and customers

9.1.4. The Money! $10/mo per person! This is INCREDIBLE plus a Installation fee and we just take their credit card and put it together, and these people want to stay with the program Its like a subscription service We can have SO MANY WEBSITES in this it's INCREDIBLE This is where the money is made with Websites This is where GoDaddy get's their racecar chicks!