La Guerra Contra las Drogas

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La Guerra Contra las Drogas by Mind Map: La Guerra Contra las Drogas



3. Why Countries are Reconsidering Prohibition

3.1. Damaging long-term security interests.

3.1.1. Especially in Mexico

3.2. Production is moving away from Central America and moving into Western consumer areas

3.2.1. Such as Britain, Canada & The Netherlands

4. South American countries argue that the war on drugs has done nothing but create more violence.

5. Many politicians are afraid to state their thoughts on legalization because they are afraid of the negativity.

6. The “War on Drugs” is a disastrous policy that achieves none of its aims and inflicts huge damage on global security and governance wherever it is prosecuted.

6.1. Quoted by senior law enforcement officers, intellectuals and philanthropists

7. Regulation will cause

7.1. Huge tax revenues

7.1.1. Money made from drug trafficking goes into organized crime and terrorist groups

7.2. reduction in health and social risks caused by drugs

8. Experts believe that prohibition is responsible for the deaths of thousands in Mexico's cocaine wars.

8.1. U.S. is being drawn into the wars because Mexican cartels buy most of their weapons in Texas and other Southern states.