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Restaurant by Mind Map: Restaurant

1. food

1.1. tradition Chinese food

1.1.1. reason let the students know more about their country.

1.2. example of the food

1.2.1. fried rice

1.2.2. stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup

1.2.3. dumplings

2. drinks

2.1. tea

2.1.1. because tea is the tradition drinks for chinese.

3. uniform

3.1. not colourful

3.2. wear the tradition chinese new year 's clothes

4. located

4.1. Ho Man Tin

4.1.1. reason there are many S.S and P.S in Ho Man Tin, they will very easy to visit our restaurant.

5. design of the restaurant

5.1. chinese chess

5.1.1. reason chines chess is one of the special " game " in chinese tradition

6. theme of the restaurant

6.1. tradition of chinese food

6.1.1. New node