8 Tips From CEOs on Working From Home Effectively and Happily

8 Tips From CEOs on Working From Home Effectively and Happily. A Mind Map by Arpit Banjara

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8 Tips From CEOs on Working From Home Effectively and Happily by Mind Map: 8 Tips From CEOs on Working From Home Effectively  and Happily

1. 5. Select and set up your tech, strategically

1.1. Working at home can mean overlapping

1.1.1. with other family members’ activities and schedules

1.1.2. and its okay to mix work and life

1.1.3. This helps you be as flexible as possible

1.2. For complex and collaborative work

1.2.1. connect your laptop to a large monitor

1.3. so that its easy to navigate between tools for

1.3.1. videoconferencing, chatting, project management and whiteboarding

1.4. •Zoom — for videoconferencing

1.4.1. •Slack — for chat

1.5. •Confluence — for internal wiki

1.5.1. •Miro — for ideation, strategy and project planning, central project hub, presentations

1.6. •Google Suite — for spreadsheets, simple docs

2. 6. Transfer your commute time to intentional rest time

2.1. we calculate the amount of time we normally have to commute

2.1.1. and translate that time to our "rest" allowance

2.2. This is time for us to detach from our work

2.2.1. invest that time into either a relaxing ritual

2.2.2. that gets you to a calm and clear state of mind

2.2.3. or invest it into winding down your day

2.3. so that you don't form a habit of working into the night

3. 7. Remove distractions and set a schedule for these distractions

3.1. will noise be an issue at home

3.1.1. while the kids are possibly home, too?

3.1.2. If so, noise-canceling headphones are a must

3.2. Set a schedule to let your family know

3.3. Is social media a distraction?

3.3.1. Then download a social media blocking tool

3.4. Are you hungry?

3.4.1. Decide on designated snack times

3.5. Unwashed laundry?

3.5.1. Plan to do chores before and after work

3.6. and decide how much time you will dedicate to these tasks

4. 8. Try a zero-based calendar

4.1. This means you budget every minute of your day

4.1.1. to help you stay on track and monitor your progress

4.2. you just need to ensure you schedule them

4.2.1. with a specific time block

4.3. This way you won't push off the activities

4.3.1. we enjoy due to a lack of time

4.4. Having less 'open space' on your calendar

4.4.1. can protect your free time and increase your productivity

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6. 1. Invest in a standing desk

6.1. This will help alleviate lower back or hip pain

6.1.1. and promote better health

6.2. this doesn’t mean you should just stand all day

6.2.1. Move around your house

6.2.2. and I'm not just talking about trips to the fridge

6.3. Make sure to find times to sit throughout the day

6.3.1. push your shoulders back

6.3.2. to ensure that you are sitting with good posture

6.4. This will inspire creativity, encourage different ergonomic positions

6.4.1. and have different views and sounds

7. 2. Take walking meetings when you can

7.1. If you have a phone call

7.1.1. & you don't need to be in front of your computer

7.1.2. pick up your Bluetooth headphones and get outside

7.2. It’s great

7.2.1. for your muscles

7.2.2. your heart

7.2.3. your happiness

7.2.4. & your overall well-being

8. 3. Meal and snack prep

8.1. While you don’t need elaborate meals

8.1.1. make it a point to have a fridge stocked with fresh fruit

8.1.2. cut up veggies

8.1.3. hard-boiled eggs

8.1.4. greens and proteins or whatever you love

8.2. You can get creative with eating habits

8.2.1. for “brain food” and productivity

9. 4. Apply the ROWE mindset

9.1. ROWE stands for “results-only work environment,”

9.1.1. because it helps remove concerns managers may have around employee productivity

9.2. We don't track hours or care about how you do your work

9.2.1. as long as you're getting the results

9.3. By focusing on goals and metrics

9.3.1. the old-school idea of how much time was spent

9.3.2. sitting at a desk quickly goes out the door