How Your Offline Business Can Thrive During a Pandemic

Ideas to keep (offline) businesses afloat during a pandemic

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How Your Offline Business Can Thrive During a Pandemic by Mind Map: How Your Offline Business Can Thrive During a Pandemic

1. Cost Reductions

1.1. Physical Space

1.1.1. Email landlord asking for rent concessions until things stabilized

1.2. Budget

1.2.1. Budget a 40% revenue reduction and the costs necessary to be able to stay profitable or breakeven

1.3. Salary

1.3.1. Take salary cuts across the board

1.4. Subscriptions

1.4.1. Reduce any software providers to one-time payments. AppSumo is great for this.

1.4.2. Transition your email provider to one time payment. SendFox is great for this.

1.4.3. Look at your accounts and see if you can downgrade to more basic plans

1.4.4. Pause or suspend accounts for the interim until you need them again

1.5. Advertising

1.5.1. Reduce any advertising that’s not 30 days ROI

2. Generate Revenues

2.1. Go Virtual

2.1.1. Create a daily hangout where your customers can meet virtually

2.2. Share Your Expertise

2.2.1. Write about it

2.2.2. Host webinars

2.2.3. Do DIY online workshops

2.2.4. Vlog about it

2.3. Pre-sell

2.3.1. Pre-sell gift cards to existing customers

2.4. Get Moving

2.4.1. Deliver your products to your customers instead of them coming to you

2.4.2. Transition or provide cars so all current employees can be drivers for Amazon Prime Now, Instacart, DoorDash, GrubHub, etc

2.5. Liquidate

2.5.1. Look for things to buy or sell on eBay, craigslist, Amazon or Facebook marketplace based on your existing inventory

2.6. Innovate

2.6.1. Start making other products you can deliver to your clients

2.6.2. Create activities to sell that people can do at home

3. Goodwill Activities

3.1. In Your Neighbourhood

3.1.1. Encourage your customers to stay at home

3.2. Public Services

3.2.1. Provide your services to the hospitals (as applicable)

3.2.2. Reach out to the fire department for where they need help

3.3. Internally

3.3.1. Reach out to your providers and other partners to see where you can help

3.3.2. Provide whatever stipends you can do your employees

3.4. Organize Yourself

3.4.1. Create spreadsheet and figure out who needs what and start helping organize it