Tisha’s LDP MindMap (1)

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Tisha’s LDP MindMap (1) by Mind Map: Tisha’s LDP MindMap (1)

1. Chosen profession

1.1. As a CSO ; I can cover more ground in the protection of our food system. As an EEO Specialist; I can enforce civil right laws against discrimination.

2. Strengths

2.1. Motivator, passionate, confident & assertive.

2.2. consumer safety officer or EEO specialist

2.3. Growing these strengths by continuing to learn myself and reflect. Educate continually and building my weaknesses.

3. Values

3.1. Resilience, integrity

3.1.1. Bounce back and keep going when obstacles get in my way, stay true & honest. Know that there will be challenges and obstacles.

4. Actions reflecting values

4.1. My actions reflect my values. Taking everything into account and find any means to get through. However, making any adjustments does not taint my integrity. Maintaining strong morals and principles.

5. Learning goals at BPU

5.1. I must educate myself as much as possible. Increasing my leadership, writing, technology and communication skills.

5.1.1. Academic challenges Time management, retaining knowledge, support Continue to work on managing my time, fully comprehend lessons, gain support from family friends and others, set daily goals of completion.

6. Career Development

6.1. Learning opportunities will sharpen my leadership, communication and presentation skills.

6.2. To help with my career development; I am part of a women’s group F.E.W. , stay in communication with other mentors, teachers & fellow women leaders.

6.3. Current obstacle- COVID-19

7. Work, School, life integration

7.1. Community Service

7.1.1. Feeding homeless, speaking engagements on equality/discrimination, assist raising funds for scholarships.

7.1.2. Engage more with fellow sisters and brothers at BPU.

7.2. Mentoring

7.2.1. Other women, young girls, youth, help build self-esteem and encourage continued education.

8. Sucess

8.1. Keys to sucess

8.1.1. Communicate effectively, maintain integrity & practice humility These keys to success are important because communication is always needed in life and relationships. If I want employees to do the job efficiently, we must communicate well. Integrity helps me stay grounded & maintain principles. Humility helps me hear others, be accountable for my own actions & grateful for what I do have.

9. Leadership

9.1. I define leadership as someone who motivates others, leads by example, has integrity, is confident, not afraid to fail, respects others opinions and communicates well.

9.2. Keys to leadership sucess

9.2.1. Communicate effectively, maintain integrity & practice humility.

9.3. Continue to take steps to reach goals , remain optimistic, gain mentor ship, set goals, continue to learn.