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Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content
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Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content

A short guideline how to write a blog post. Define your steps, your guidelines and what has to be carefully planned.

Nativist- Linguist Noam Chomsky

"The nativist perspective emphasizes inborn or innate human capabilities (nature) as being responsible for languagae development" and one of the "major focus is on the acquistion of syntactic knowledge" (Otto, 2010, p. 28).

Behaviorist- Burrhus Frederic Skinner

"The behaviorist perspective emphasizes teh role of "nurture" and considers learning to occur based on the stimuli, responses, and reinforcements that occur in the environment", that children are a "blank slate", and that language is "taught" through the situations and associations with others (Otto, 2010, p. 31)

Interactionist- Lev Vygotsky

"The interactionist perspective focuses on the primary role of sociocultural interactions in children's develpment of lanugage knowledge" and they contend " that children acquire language through their attempts to communicate with the world around them" (Otto, 2010, p. 33).

Cognitive Developmentalist- Jean Piaget

"The emphasis of this perspective is that language is acquired as maturation occurs and cognitive competencies develop" and they assume "that cognitive development is a "prerequisite and foundation for language learning" (Otto, 2010, p. 30).

Yvonne Gonzales