Who is Jesus

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Who is Jesus by Mind Map: Who is Jesus

1. Nature Miracles Matt Mark Luke John 1. Stilling the Storm 8:23 4:35 8:22 2. Feeding the 5000 14:13 6:30 9:10 6:1 3. Walking on the Water 14:25 6:48 6:19 4. Feeding the 4000 15:32 8:1 5. Temple Tax in the Fish's Mouth 17:24 6. Withering the Fig Tree 21:18 11:12 7. Draught of Fish 5:1 8. Turning Water into Wine 2:1 9. Second Draught of Fish 21:1

2. Jesus is God's Son

2.1. Dies on the Cross for us

2.1.1. Jesus dies on the cross for us and as he had proclamed he would rise from the dead three days later and we anll this Easter

2.2. God's only Son

2.2.1. God sends his only son down from heaven to save us

2.3. Miracle worker

2.3.1. Jesus did many miracles such as healing the sick turning water into wine rising from the dead

2.4. Save us from evil

2.4.1. When we say save us from evil Jesus was really in a way saving us from are selves because everything we were doing was not what god had planned for us

3. Imataters of Jesus

3.1. “Therefore, be imitators of God, as dear children.” In 1 Corinthians 11:1, Paul writes again, “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ.”

4. Jesus Empire

4.1. In the 2,956 church jurisdictions in the world, the number jumped by 15 million from 2008.

4.2. The total number of living baptized Catholics on the globe in 2009 reached 1,181,000,000.

5. Some Miracles Jesus has done