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Who is Jesus? by Mind Map: Who is Jesus?

1. "I am the way and the truth and the life" (John 14: 6)

1.1. Jesus is the way to heaven and we should follow him if we want to go to Heaven and have eternal life.

2. "I am he" (John 18: 5)

2.1. Jesus is "he" as in God, the almighty one.

3. "Jesus of Nazareth" (John 18: 5)

3.1. He is simply a man named Jesus from Nazareth.

4. "King of the Jews" (John 19: 3)

4.1. He is the leader of the Jewish people and of the world.

5. "The Lord" (John 20: 24)

5.1. He is God

6. "The Good Shepard" (John 10: 11)

6.1. Jesus is the shepard, we (the people) are the sheep was we follow him and God.

7. "God's Chosen One" (John 1: 34)

7.1. God chose Jesus to come to the world and spread the word of God.

8. "Born of God" (John 1: 13)

8.1. He was born a God through Mary

9. "I am the light of the world" (John 8: 12)

9.1. Jesus will lead us out of the darkness and into the light of God.

9.1.1. New node

10. "Son of Man" (John 13: 31)

10.1. He is the son of Mary and Joseph but he is still the son of God.

11. "Lamb of God" (John 1: 35)

11.1. Sacrifice to God from the world to save the people from sin.

12. "Rabbi" (John 1:37)

12.1. Jesus was the teacher to his disciples and all that he had encountered during his time here on earth.

13. "the Messsiah" (John 1: 41)

13.1. Jesus is the king of high priest who has come to save the world.